How to place collectively these varieties of technological alternatives within the mining of crypto overseas money? How not to fear about the fee and infinity of power? How now not to worry approximately the want of frequently cleaning from the dirt and dust, or the farm ventilation and all costs themselves, do not fear approximately the supply of the Internet and the exceptional raye of foreign exchange for mining? We set that intention. And we completed it.

We mixed picture voltaic panels, electric electricity garage device, immersion cooling, self mining, and brought to this cocktail a self-reading manage device that independently adjustments crypto-currencies for mining primarily based on the situation on the market. The great device. As we desired. And you can adore it too.


Solar energy
Environment pleasant, environment-unbiased strength for mining. Ideal for international places with warm climates. No damage to the surroundings. An eternal supply of electricity without placed on and lack of energy.

At night time, the drop in the performance of photograph voltaic panels is compensated via the accrued strength reserves in accumulators in step with day. The maximum cutting-edge batteries have excessive overall performance and lengthy provider lifestyles.

Immersion cooling
The final answer of issues with choppy cooling forums, air pollutants of high priced digital components, fan noise and everlasting machine preservation. Remember the continuously heatted up vehicles in the putting in place of the very last century? Immersion cooling is the destiny of mining.

Inteligent forex
Specially evolved software program utility analyzes the marketplace scenario in actual time and switches mining gear amongst particular currencies, undertaking most performance of mining.

Untying the mining gadgets from electricity sources allows you to region self enough systems in the most convenient places - no metter how a long way from the civilization areas, in lots of locations on the same time. At the equal time, the form of decentralized tool will artwork as one.

Legal conditions
Due to some of strategies of connecting to the Internet and the lack of dependence on strength, the proprietor of the device does now not bear the risk of "immoderate regulation" with the useful resource of the country.The machine can now not be legally disconnected from strength or the Internet.

Our special bounty programm will enable to earn even small inverstors.We determined that any venture need to be rewarded and created a further praise for energetic people of our organization. So experience unfastened to take part.
Its no longer a mystery that every and each group attempts to attain huge consumers. Thats why we created a splendid investment terms for foundations and private bussines angels with minimum amount of 1 million euro.


Ready, examined and strolling photograph voltaic mining claster that generates us every day earnings.Its no longer an investments into now not an belief or digital software program product. Its a complicated of hardware that works each day.


The greater sun stations we have were given-the more power we've were given.More power approach greater miners.More miners capability greater crypto-foreign money and more cash for us and our traders.


We growing a completely unique set of guidelines that automaticly switches mining manner to more profitable coin to mine. It skill that profitability of mining will growth

The motive of this technical file is to deliver workable token holders with
information approximately Helios Mining Ltd, its era, commercial enterprise mannequin and HLC token in connection with the proposed preliminary coin imparting (ICO). The following facts is no longer exhaustive and does not suggest any contractual dating. The sole cause of this record is to deliver relevant and ok facts to viable token holders so that they are able to completely look at the company's sports activities when they intend to buy HLC tokens. All applicable criminal facts is contained in the phrases and conditions for the acquisition of tokens and the token acquisition Agreement.
This white paper does not constitute an provide to sell or buy securities in any jurisdiction wherein it's far illegal to make such offer. Neither the Department of supervision of theoperations of the financial marketplace of Cyprus, neither the Commission on securities and inventory exchanges of the us or someone-of-a-type overseas regulatory authority has legal funding in the ones tokens.

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