Blockchain technology will improve the quality of customer service, as it will act as an intermediary for various financial services, payments, and functions. In addition, blockchain technology will improve the way companies cooperating with Cryptov8 interact with their users and simultaneously provide security, reduce the cost of transactions. After all, existing centralized services cannot provide ideal conditions for performing transactions - there are too many problems and fraudulent schemes, as well as intermediaries. All these problems are associated with additional financial as well as time costs.

Why should we seriously consider the Cryptov8 project
Unification of services operating in the cryptocurrency segment
The Cryptov8 banking platform will work with relevant organizations to expand the range of encryption and locking services that they offer to their clients. The decentralized platform Cryptov8 will also combine all services related to cryptocurrency on one platform. This is a unique opportunity to quickly and safely access the required services, using the functionality of this platform.
Regulation of the existing market
The cryptocurrency market is extremely unregulated, which makes it very risky for users. In this respect, I believe that Cryptov8 seeks to combine the best practices of the UK in regulating the issues of the traditional banking segment and the existing cryptographic market. The rules will protect customers from the uncertainties and risks that exist today in the crypto-currency market. As already mentioned, existing traditional banks can not provide high-quality, transparent and safe currency operations for their customers. Intermediaries in the form of banks receive too high a reward for their services, which is also quite an important problem.

Issues of decentralization
In addition, Cryptov8 will decentralize remittances, which are currently controlled by existing banks. This will offer customers access to the crypto currency market in a way that is easy, cheap or even free. This will improve the participation of clients in the crypto currency market, the Cryptov8 project tokens will be used as a payment instrument, or reward for certain actions within the platform.

On the platform will be a crypto-currency wallet, where users can track their account status, work with assets. Users with a currency of the currency will be able to purchase the required number of tokens, and can also analyze their wealth, accumulated at the expense of savings or investments in crypto-currencies. The banking platform combines the exchange of crypto-currencies, which allows users to trade, buy or sell their tokens, relying on their own decisions or the situation in the existing market.

Training materials
Users can get recommendations on how they can enter the crypto currency market from the educational materials offered by the banking platform. Cryptov8 offers a unique opportunity - the clients of the project will be able to use the experience of traders to create their own strategy of success. Now they will not have to deal with the problems of centralized banks, the lack of information on working with the crypto currency - everything you need can be found inside the Cryptov8 platform.



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