Amicorum.Live - in its essence, this project is aimed at eliminating the above problems. That is, its main goal is to make the sale of tickets for various events as safe and transparent as possible. This project is based on a technology such as block, which promotes maximum transparency, and the system of smart contracts will avoid fraud in this area. Simply put, you can purchase tickets using a smart contract and directly for the internal platform token, which, incidentally, will build the entire economy of the project. In general, the project is based on P2P technology. Which will allow you to buy and sell tickets without intermediaries direct. That is, there is no connecting link between the seller and the buyer. They will communicate in a straight line.
What is Amicorum?
Amicorum is a project that wants to change the way tickets are being sold. They want to solve this with an innovative platform that is based on blockchain technology.

What are they trying to solve
Amicorum creates a new platform with support of blockchain technology to be used for resale of tickets for events.
This system will eliminate fraud because all tickets will be validated using a transparent and decentralized system. An innovative ecosystem that will change the way this is done today and decentralize resale of tickets with a safer protocol that verifies the identity of the buyer. The platform could be deployed by events by using their own customized AMI token that uses smart contracts on Ethereum's blockchain.

The platform gives several benefits.
Low Fees
By buying tickets through Amicorum, you will avoid to pay high transaction and processing fees.
Counterfeit Tickets
The tickets will be validated by the blockchain, so you won't have to worry about counterfeit tickets.
Second Hand Sellers
In most popular events, a few people hoard tickets once the sale starts so they can sell them for a higher price on the second hand market. With Amicorum you won't have to worry about that, as the blockchain will prevent people from cheating the system by hoarding tickets.

This is an ERC20 type token which means that these can be stored on an Ethereum address. The token will be released on several crypto exchanges after the ICO. According to their business plan, the final product will be launched at the beginning of next year.
The total supply of AMI is 50 million, and 40 million (80%) will be released during the token sale.


The team consists of 9 members with the support of 4 advisors. The team is led by Adrian Arora (CEO) and Sam Kalra (Head of investor relations). The advisor board includes two the most renowned advisors at ICObench, Amarpreet Singh and Simon Cocking.

Amicorum is now implementing its token emission and has already reached its minimum requirement of 3 million dollars (soft cap). Together, they have hopes to collect a total of 20 million dollars that will be used for the development and marketing of the platform (hard cap).
The pre-sale is over in 6 hours, so make sure to be quick if you want to get discounted AMI tokens. The public ICO will start 24 hours after the pre-ICO finishes.

I suggest to consider the features of this project in front of your competitors.

The presence of private offices. It is very interesting that the developers create personal offices for all sides of this sphere. That is, in simple terms, both sellers and buyers will have their own personal office.
2.Security is achieved through the identification of users. Due to this, scammers can not realize their insidious deeds and deceive one or the other side.

Due to the use of modern technologies, such as lock-up, users' security is realized due to the decentralization of this sphere. And most importantly the accuracy and transparency of the data provided by the seller, as well as the buyer.
4.All information will be protected as much as possible, and it will not be possible to substitute or fake it. Which is very attractive. As you understand, no one else can deceive you by imposing false and unfair information on you.
Sharpness and prostate of the given sphere! Thanks to a special algorithm created by the developers, tickets will be bought simply and quickly, and most importantly reliable



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