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XDAC Lisisting
First, we would like to thank you to all for continuous support. We all waited long for XDAC coin to get listed. Market conditions and project development were the main reasons why we decided to postpone our listing. Since the crypto market is calming down and all our upcoming updates require XDAC coin to be the value of exchange, we are happy to announce, that we will list XDAC on xBase exchange on March 5th, 2019.

xBase will list XDAC as a separate market, which will later serve as a market for xDAC companies. Initially, XDAC will be paired with USDC, BTC, and ETH.

xDAC Project
The xDAC project recently went through several updates which were mostly related to the network. Our next milestone leads to the development of financial tools and connecting them with xBase exchange.


xDAC, as, as an open-source project is continually looking for talented developers who can contribute to the project with knowledge and experience. Anyone who is interested to participate can look through our pending tasks and awards on xDAC GitHub page. We are happy to discuss all dev related questions over our Discord Channel.

xBase Updates
Since the start of xBase back in December, the exchange went through a countless number of front-end and back-end updates. Last week we pushed over 100 new updates related to smoother trading and better user experience. We introduced favorite pairs in the exchange header for quick access to selected trading pairs, scrolling of the order book for better interaction, improved market and limit order forms and many other updates. On the back-end side, we rebuilt ERC20 component for faster integration of ERC20 tokens and added xDAC and EOS blockchain support. After releasing all of these updates, we are ready to proceed with a listing of USD coin, XDAC, EOS, and HYDRO in upcoming days.



Next on t on our roadmap is opening of our RESTful API to the public, which paves the way for exchange and XDAC coin to get listed on Coin Market Cap or Cryptocompare and integrate with 3rd party applications.

Many of you were interested in xDAC and xBase involvements with other projects and companies. We concentrate our focus primarily on building an ecosystem to benefit xDAC companies in the first place. We are happy to share the list of existing and growing partnerships:
We would like to start with the largest Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex. They are currently exploring possible cooperation with the xDAC project. Discussions, however, are still ongoing, and there is no final format of our collaboration.

Further xDAC partnered with the following partners.

ChainCreator is the main partner in exchange and xDAC development. They are a huge supporter of the xDAC project and one of the largest XDAC coin holders.

Nexo and ETHLend are liquidity and lending providers. They are set to provide instant loans for xDAC companies or traders on xBase exchange.

Jur is a decentralized dispute resolution platform which will help resolve any disputes between xDAC companies and their customers or partners.

Hydrogen and xDAC are exploring possibilities of using Hydro Decentralized Identity Management to verify the identity of company executives and investors in publicly traded xDAC companies.

Collective is a community development company and helping xDAC with social mediotion.

Furthermrthermore, we also partnered with projects such as Depository Network, Bitcoinbing, TeraWattLED.com, VRT. and others.


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