When we view cryptocurrency, we see a decentralized digital asset that will take over fiat currency soon in the future the way everyone is adopting Financial Technology fast. But before this takeover can happen, the problems clouding cryptocurrency have to be solved. In the case of currency substitution for a nation changing its currency, the change can only be possible without hitches when there is fluid exchange between both currencies. This also applies to the full adoption of cryptocurrency. Many people still have issues with converting crypto into fiat and vice versa. This situation begs a crucial question.

How do we expect cryptocurrency to take over as the future currency when most people can’t even change between

Another problem is the high fees exchanges charge fir transactions with cryptocurrency. Do we really think the world would make that smooth transition if these problems are existing within the cryptocurrency world?

Zantepay has gone ahead of us into the future to solve the problems we might soon encounter in the inevitable currency transition. Zantepay is a multi-wallet service being run by Estonian Good Finance Company AS, located in Estonia, a country regarded as a vast digital technology hub. Its aim is to prepare the financial world for the unhurried transition into cryptocurrency from fiat by first integrating fiat and cryptocurrency into one wallet. ZantePay has a wide range of benefits for its users which include

• Reduction of expensive fees by exchanges. Currently many exchanges charge neck breaking fees for conversion of crypto into fiat currency and vice versa. For a cryptocurrency trader or margin trader this is totally inconvenient as profits made from trading would hardly be enjoyed when a good part of the profit is used as transaction fees. With Zantepay, reasonable and affordable transaction fees would be applied.
• Incorporating Crypto into Fiat. The world currently accepts the two main classes of currency as form of payments and Zantepay will be the first to successfully integrate crypto and fiat into a single wallet. This would be beneficial at launch because it’s the first of its kind and even play a more crucial role in the future when cryptocurrency becomes highly adopted all over the world
• Issuing debit cards for payments. People want to feel like they can spend their tokens not saving it in a particular wallet for use in 10 years’ time or something like that. Zantepay with its debit card would allow for spending of its coins/tokens which include ETH, BTC, LTC and Zantepay (ZNX) tokens
• Naming a beneficiary in case of possible death. This is a smart move made by Zantepay in order to give digital currency that fiat currency feeling. Just like how money in banks can be bequeathed or willed to loved ones or family members, users of Zantepay would have the option to add a beneficiary to its wallet in case of death of the user.

Zantepay want to become the biggest cryptocurrency wallet by far in the world and its advantages for users include referral bonus in the form of payment of ZNX tokens and cashback bonus. They also give free prepaid card for users to spend ETH, BTC, LTC and ZNX tokens and for these tokens to be used as payments.

Zantepay are partners with Amazon Web services, Veriff, MongoDB, Neustar, WiseGuys and some other companies.


ZantePay is fully launching in August 2018 and its ZNX tokens are ERC20 compatible. Zantepay will have a total supply of 2,000,000,000. Only 30% equal to 600,000,000 of these tokens will be available for public sale. The cost of one ZNX token will range from 0.10 euros to 0.25 euros. Tokens will be distributed shortly after ZNX's ICO


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