The popularity and demand for cryptocurrency is increasing. That's why people need to decrypt it. Scavo Technologies is developing environmentally friendly encryption tunneling. The cryptocurrency over time generally increases difficulty. This increases the electricity. Today, a huge amount of electricity is used to mine coins around the world. We need environmentally friendly green energy sources. Scavo Technologies is based in Argentina and plans to build its own mining area using renewable energy sources such as solar, water and wind.
Scavo Technologies is currently selling tokens for fundraising. Tokens are tokens of type ERC-20. There are several benefits associated with token holders. 80% of mining profits are distributed to asset holders. Scavo Technologies may provide services to third parties. This gives 30% of the profits. Scavo Technologies takes democratic decision-making seriously, and SCAVO tokens holders can vote on decisions through wise agreements. Sales begin Token on July 15th and continue until October 31st of this year. There is a maximum token supply of 200 million tokens. Eight percent will be reserved, and two percent will be sold for the team and its founders.
We invite everyone to buy a SCAVO token in the ICO process.
When the mining operation is in progress, all mining operations are distributed between the token holder and the founder (the token holder). The investment pays dividends from the first day.
Amortization periods for investors vary from 3 months to 10 months depending on the stage.
SCAVO is responsible for finding the right location for the farm and power plant, and for purchasing hardware and delivering it to the destination. Create and maintain farms and install cooling systems. Manage your internet connection service invoices and negotiate interconnection with your local energy distribution of the company's existing power grid to inject a surplus generated energy (not needed for the farm) and monetize it. And of course, all the malfunctions.
As mentioned above, SCAVO tokens receive dividends as lifetime contracts or, more precisely, the profit of mining operations.
SCAVO Technologies believes that investment in encryption is the most profitable choice for long-term profits.
By maximizing energy costs, SCAVO Technologies provides intelligent solutions for energy generation and cryptographic mining business issues, making it easy for anyone to participate in the business, regardless of their knowledge and property.
Our commitment to the SCAVO community is actively involved in making important decisions that can affect the company.
. :: Intelligent solutions for real-world problems ::.
In order to achieve the goals proposed in our development, it was essential to implement the concept of "Industry 4.0". This is the degree of efficiency. The guiding guiding our suggestion is that cryptographic mining will only catch up with the energy efficiency and robustness that can be achieved in the long term in the encryption mining process.
This enabled us to provide intelligent solutions to energy and to contribute to the principle of decentralization.
: Use of Cutting Technology ::.
We know that innovation in today's systems is an integral, vital, and integral element of password calls and their technology. Because of this, it's a crypto-mining complex to the concept of "industry 4.0".
SCAVO Technologies has developed a variety of software / hardware components that automate many processes in the decryption complex. These components provide critical information to the data center of the company in real time.
All of this can accomplish using complex technology processes and industry-class technology.
. :: Acquisition and Logistics ::.
The process of acquiring passwords, mining, hardware, and hardware is a lot of cases in many cases.
To gain better bargaining power in different interventions, SCAVO Technologies is registered with the import / export registrar of Argentina. This saves money by accessing the necessary hardware (ASIC, GPU, PCB, etc.) directly and without intermediaries. We have contracts with competitive international rates.
. :: Keep yourself.
Energy, self-sustainability, self-sustainability, self-sustainability, self-sustainability, self-sustainability, achieving self-sustainability. The use of renewable energy for electricity generation allows for the development of environments where energy is incompatible with the cryptographic mining industry.
In order to achieve sustainability of energy itself in a period of up to 12 months, the energy cost per kWh and the minimum 10-year life expectancy can be reduced at USD 0.12-0.15 with a value between 0.05 USD and 0.01.
Important consideration considerations in implementing large-scale encryption mining systems. This is all the components and components. Blocks are designed in a standardized way at the subsystem level, so you can exchange one of them. Because it is a modular process at the same time, you can combine several ways to add or remove capacity in the physical space of the composite.
For example, the wiring of energy allows for the same horizontal and vertical integration that can be connected to adjacent energy systems and, at the same time, be interconnected with existing energy systems. SCSCO ether platform token supply total 200 million price 1SCAVO = 1USD soft capacity of 500,000 hard Capacity 83,600,000 accept pre-sale beginning July 15, 2018 00:00 UTC End Date 20 July 23:00 UTC 2018 Crowdsale beginning 20 July 21 00:00 UTC End date October 31, 2018 23:00 UTC Visit the



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