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Seele - The Revolution in Blockchain or Blockchain 4.0

The Cryptocurrencies has already entered our everyday life thoroughly and hardly anyone is surprised. This industry has already won the trust among users and is becoming more popular. Blockchain technology has opened many prospects for different spheres and directions, it continues to develop and improve its system of work. Today, blockchain is used not only to launch and integrate new ideas, it opens new projects and builds a business.

The Seele project is equipped with a new algorithm, whose work is aimed at the industrial sector and will provide users from all over the world access to important and popular industries. The new platform, thanks to the modernized blockchain network, will allow you to perform the necessary transactions as quickly as possible, with a high level of security. The company, based on the experience and mistakes of previous projects, has created a completely new system in which each involved industry will operate in a separate chain.

Revolution in the blockchain industry

The development team creates a system based on the functionality of previous versions of the blockchain, but with a lot of innovations that will greatly improve the work with the resource. All the existing systems are united by one important problem - the reloading of nodes, because of which companies do not have the opportunity to unite with each other.

The new Seele platform intends to solve this issue through the introduction of neural networks, such an opportunity will allow creating large-scale projects and will provide a consensus among all companies. A special blockchain structure is a large number of subnets that will work together and represent a single network.

The Seele development team is positioning the platform as the 4th generation of blockchain technology. Each blockchain platform performs certain operations, but it is one of the parts of the common system. For example, the user needs to store certain information, the corresponding blockchain will be used for this operation. Also, for all financial transactions, users will be given a dedicated subnet, the Seele platform itself will be a single circuit that exists to merge all subnets into a common blockchain.

Seele combines several blockchains into one!

The development team made every effort to ensure high speed of operations, the platform can be used in many areas of the market and directions.

Combining several important chains into one eliminates the need to use different resources, which will save considerable time and resources.

Greater throughput Seele allows avoiding restrictions in the volume and number of transactions made. The extensive system provides users with a secure, simple channel of interaction, all participants will be able to communicate directly with each other.

A lot of effort the company has made to ensure a high level of security for the entire system, users can be assured of the safety of all data.

Basic Details of ICO

  • Number of tokens - 1,000,000,000 SEELE
  • The cost of 1 SEELE - 0.0325 USD
  • Hard Cap - 12,100.00 USD


The launch of the new project will open many opportunities for the development of many companies, improved blockchain technology will create all the necessary conditions for the comfortable accomplishment of business tasks and the unification of companies.

Seele will be a new stage in the blockchain revolution, the new technology will get the maximum number of useful functions for the job. The platform will unite many companies and various directions, which will be able to directly communicate with their customers and expand their opportunities in the market.

The use of new algorithms and technologies, which makes it possible to significantly influence the development and operation of companies, Seele will not only save and transfer important information between participants but also perform the necessary financial operations that will be reliably protected from scammers.

I believe that the project has good prospects and great opportunities for further development. Users will have access to a modern, multi-functional platform that will evolve and expand their capabilities.

Links that you can use when studying the project:
Official website
Bitcointalk ANN Thread
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Bitcointalk profile link:;u=212645
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I became interested in this project, I saw competitors in this field, but this project inspired me more. I will definitely participate and hopefully, earn good money.

28.06.2018 07:30

Well, competitors have less bandwidth and there is still a number of advantages that Seele has.

28.06.2018 09:40

Interested in this project, I think that this is a great future. Indeed the direction that they have chosen is very good and innovations in this area are needed!

28.06.2018 07:38

This is the best direction since Blockchain will change a lot in our world!

28.06.2018 09:41

Thanks for the review, I will study this project and most likely will participate. The topic is very interesting!

28.06.2018 09:26

I agree with you, be sure to learn!

28.06.2018 09:42

The article was really very useful, thank you for the review. You always choose very high-quality projects that will bring us very good profits as investors.

28.06.2018 11:14

Lately a lot of projects are coming out and it's very difficult to find really valuable ones. But I see you succeed. Thank you, I will definitely study this project!

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29.06.2018 07:01

The author, as always, explained everything in detail and correctly, thanks to him! I'm attracted to this project and I will add it to the investment portfolio!

29.06.2018 12:20

I support your opinion, the project is really very high level and I'm sure it will have a decent future. And most importantly, we can earn on the growth of tokens.

01.07.2018 11:00

Lately, there are a lot of interesting projects, but this one caused me a special interest. I like what they do and I think that they have a great future! Thanks for the review.

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Как считаешь @veseloff , что будет дальше?

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