Дорогие пользователи, приветствуем вас на международной площадке по верификации. Мы так увлеклись реализацией сервиса, что совсем не успевали погружать вас в актуальную информацию, но с этого дня мы будем встречаться с вами в ваших лентах и регулярно рассказывать через что прошли, чтобы предоставить вам верификацию на любом конце света

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Great idea and great project! I want to see more and more good news about the success of this company. This is a great achievement, which you have already achieved. It's just a little bit, we're going together. Your kind bountyhanters. Good luck with your project.

06.07.2018 09:36

Пррррррривееееет verifier! Поздравляю, ты победитель лотереи "Счастливый Голос"!
Твой великолепный пост получает от меня целых 74778906 rshares!!!
Хочешь в следующий раз выиграть больше? Голосуй за этот комментарий с любой силой, и получай больше rshares!!!
rshares - это то, из чего формируется выплата за твой пост

22.02.2018 20:24

Many thanks for the project. You are a tough team. The future is yours. I recommend that you join the project. Keep it up. I'm sure that you are just gaining moment.

02.07.2018 12:16

Отличная новость. А вообще сервис по верификации очень актуальная тема

15.03.2018 15:27

Great project and cool idea, a team of real professionals, glad that I'm with you!

11.07.2018 14:30

The Verifier service is designed to meet the needs for services in verification in two main markets - Business-to-Business (B2B) and Person-to-Person (P2P). APPLICATIONS #Verifier: insurance, political sphere, identity verification, notary services, logistics and transport, purchase and sale transaction, legal expertise, banks and finance, buying and renting a car. All this for your convenience. It is impossible not to assess such opportunities for the #VERIFIER project services! Thanks to the team of the project for providing such services, which are very necessary for everyone! At this time, when the ICO project is underway, you can buy coins of the project at the price that interests you. Join now: http://verifier.org
Verifier服務旨在滿足兩個主要市場的驗證服務需求 - 企業對企業(B2B)和人對人(P2P)。應用#Verifier:保險,政治領域,身份驗證,公證服務,物流和運輸,購買和銷售交易,法律專業知識,銀行和金融,購買和租賃汽車。這一切都是為了您的方便。不可能不為#VERIFIER項目服務評估這樣的機會!感謝項目團隊提供這樣的服務,這對每個人都非常必要!此時,當ICO項目正在進行時,您可以以您感興趣的價格購買項目的硬幣。現在加入:http://verifier.org

07.07.2018 17:15

Clear mission and strong team sure this project will work well so that many benefits that can be obtained for members.

09.07.2018 11:23

With VERIFIER it is very convenient to check the facts at a long distance, sign, confirm the request.
Verifier agents are always there and are waiting for your request. Wherever you are - in the country, at home with children, at work, in another city or country, Verifier will provide you with services to verify identity, receive goods, verify information and in other cases where Verifier trusted assistants are needed. Therefore VERIFIER is exactly what we all need and need. Currently, the ICO project is underway, join, invest, while the coins of the project are sold at a very attractive price.

13.07.2018 16:46

Verifier is a new step to innovations of Blockchain network. Every day the team makes new progress and it is visible on their harmonious work!!! Very great project!!!

19.07.2018 15:05

BERIFIER - reliable blocking! In the fast pace of our life, time, reliability, remote service are of great value. Verifier will use Blockchain to test anything, anywhere. He uses his own crypto currency in the Verifier. This allows customers to instantly and securely pay for those agents who will check. In exchange for uploading images and other checks, a user can send a Verifier token and ensure the security of his transaction. So all the amenities for you, dear friends! Use VERIFIER! http://verifier.org

17.07.2018 08:42

A great project with a huge potential and a smart development team! We wait for new participants before ICO yet there is but little. The future is yours , good team.

17.07.2018 09:44