My Introduction to the community

I am a steemit user For 3 months now and a bit late to join golos but Now I am here My username is same as here on steemit. I am introducing myself to the community.

  • I am a 17 year old guy for now, But Here's my story. When I was born my family used to live in a very small village Located in North India named Pichopa kalan, A very small village having population of about 3,216 people and 601 houses The primary occupation was farming and basic amenities such as electricity, water were not available electricity at that time used to come at a fixed time for about 2 hours a day so that people can use their motors to fill their tanks of water. I remember that I used to go in fields with my father and grandfather when I was about 3-5 years old. My grandfather used to take me on his shoulder to the fields where they plant crops, give water to them and I just play around in the fields my mother used to come to fields in afternoon and bring food for all of us. We used to eat food under the shelter of tree.
  • My grandfather was retired from army with 40% disability because of a bullet that made his one eye blind. Since then my grandfather cannot able to see from one eye. My great-grand father was also in army. My grandfather because went outside the village in his army period knows the importance of education. He provided my father good quality education. My father also wanted me to get education so we shifted to a small town named bhiwani. There my father worked as an advocate in district court. I was 5 years old at that time. We could have came to bhiwani early but the problem was the fields my grandfather wants to take care of fields and my mother was only cook at home. so the problem was who will cook for grandfather if we move to bhiwani. The problem was solved when my uncle got married. A new cook came to home my grandfather told my father to leave village and go to bhiwani for my studies. My father did the same and admitted me into a private school.


Life at bhiwani

Bhiwani was also a type of village but it's better than my previous village pichopa kalan. It's a type of town. So life at bhiwani was not even simple my dad was new and has to make a good reputation as a advocate. He worked very hard to pay my school fee and then he purchased a motorcycle with his money. We used to go to our village on weekends on that bike ( me, mom and dad ). My father earned good reputation as a lawyer there and when I was in 5th standard He bought a car by taking loan from bank. We lived there for 10 years then again my father decided to go to a big city for my higher education I was 15 years old by then. My father became one of the best lawyers there. And we again shifted to Chandigarh also known as the city beautiful. But There was a big problem that it became very hard for my father to again earn reputation here so my father took a harsh decision of going back bhiwani once a week the whole trip once a week is of about (580km). My mother always afraid since whenever we used to visit Chandigarh we saw at least one accident on the way. For me my father had to work so hard. Still he goes bhiwani once a week but now he has earned some reputation here as a lawyer.

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@varunsangwan Welcome to Golos!!!

04.07.2017 05:47

Thank you very much @blondinka

04.07.2017 05:48

Приветствую Вас и желаю успехов на платформе Голос!

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