RecordsKeeper - the project of accounting and protection of personal data.

In our time, in the age of modern technology, everything is translated and stored electronically, whether it be data that has no particular value, or really important and valuable information. In this connection, the issue of their safety remains urgent, which can cause some harm when third parties (scammers) are exposed to them.


Let's consider the main problems in this area:

  1. The safety and security of data under a traditional centralized system is very expensive.
  2. Absence of a 100% guarantee.
  3. Mandatory involvement of unauthorized persons (intermediaries).
  4. Cost of services is not cheap when servicing.

Proceeding from the above problems, we can say that the problem is relevant to this day, and requires close attention. The solution of this problem is offered by the RecordsKeeper project.

RecordsKeeper is a large-scale solution in the field of accounting and protection of personal data. The RecordsKeeper platform is created in the form of decentralized multichain technology, it will facilitate access to data and ensure their security. The RecordsKeeper project can be applied in various banking, financial and government structures and other sectors of our life. This technology allows the user to use the platform around the world.


What solution does the RecordsKeeper project offer:
it creates a large-scale ecosystem that will be accessible to all while verifying the data. Any user will be able to use the available blockchain platform RecordsKeeper to verify the originality, authenticity of data without intermediaries.

Block RecordsKeeper has a huge number of open source and API access points, through which the user of the project can write data to the blockchain system using different methods, this is through a web interface, application and server. After that, the data is written to the blockchain account and assigned to the RecordsKeeper registry. All data in the system is encrypted, and access to them can be obtained only by requesting the user with certain rights. The volume of information storage in the technology of blockchain is unlimited, so it is considered a global technical solution.

Users can exchange among themselves and control the success of data transmission, thanks to the function of the control transaction. For more convenient work with their databases, the project offers an application that is suitable for both computer and smartphones and gadgets. The use of blockchain technology gives you complete control over your data without intermediaries and simplifies the process of writing data to the registry. Also, the project provides for the possibility of Mining, which can be accomplished through a computer and a mobile device. In the RecordsKeeper project, the primary means of payment will be the XRK token.


What does the RecordsKeeper project offer us:

  1. Your own currency is the XRK token.
  2. The complete safety and security of information and data, which is implemented through the use of blockchain technology.
  3. A tool for searching records and Vital Tools files.
  4. Unlimited storage capacity.
  5. Scale and application in various industries and spheres of our life.
  6. Absence of third parties (intermediaries).

The conclusion.

Indeed, the problem of data security and all the processes associated with it leave much to be desired. I think due to the RecordsKeeper project, these problems will find their solution, since the project team has all the possibilities for this.



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Интересный проект, спасибо за обзор, голосую. Подписался на вас, рассчитываю на взаимность!

06.07.2018 18:18