Essentia is a decentralized platform for the full interaction of all structures.

The Internet has become a part of our life, it's hard to imagine a person today without communication and working on the Internet. The information we receive can vary from simple to complex and serious data, and documents. On the one hand, we can say that the Internet provides an opportunity to show their abilities, the dissemination of ideas and new solutions in various spheres and industries. But on the other - the emergence of various personal data on the Internet leads to theft of personal data scammers.


In this regard, it is necessary to find effective methods for monitoring the personal data of users on the Internet and a competent, effective from the point of view of security management of Internet communications processes. This issue is relevant and is more acute, due to the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the storage of their and many data in digital form.

The Essentia project.
The Essentia platform combined all the problems into one single whole and proposed their solution. The meaning of the project is that all processes, services and data are managed from one account. Thanks to this, access to all automation systems becomes extremely simple and effective in use.


Essentia is a set of protocols that will bring together centralized and decentralized resources to create new technologies and share experiences. The use of blockchain technology guarantees the reliable protection and confidentiality of personal data. A large amount of information and personal data can not be controlled.

Blockchain technology and cryptographic encryption will solve this problem for you and will keep everything under full control. Smart contracts will create a transparent relationship and cooperation under certain conditions, without involving intermediaries. The main payment tool of the project will be the ESS token. When authorizing on the platform, the client receives a unique wallet with the ESS-ID key. In the future, the developers promise to solve the problem with the use of a physical key.

The Essentia platform can have a voluminous work structure that can be replenished while working with new modules and this will not affect the performance. The decentralized project system makes it possible to apply it anywhere in the world. Essentia is truly universal in its kind. You do not have to constantly resort to restoring access to various systems, due to the safety of all registration data.


What does the Essentia project give us:

  1. Own currency
  2. A lot of different applications and processes in one project.
  3. Guarantee and security of all personal data
  4. Passage of KYC
  5. Combines a centralized and decentralized system
  6. Absence of territorial and other boundaries in work.

The platform is really necessary, as many need decentralization, in which Essentia will help them. The introduction of the latest technologies shows the level of the team and the seriousness of the approach to solving urgent problems.



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