TRIWER ICO: Automating Cargo and Parcel Delivery Using Blockchain Technology

Triwer is a blockchain based platform which solves the problems of shipping industry. It is an ecosystem of fastest parcel delivery services which is faster, secure and economical. It is a revolutionary program which enhances the cargo industry functions by reducing carbon footprints and encouraging economy. 

Triwer ecosystem meets the increasing needs of ecommerce industry and their consumers. Online shoppers get a choice in pricing through a build-in price comparison engine. They can also customize their profile to get preference in delivery and this profile is valid for multiple online stores.

Triwer is an all-round rewarding platform

Triwer uses blockchain and smart contracts in a way that benefits all the participants of Triwer. There are three main stakeholders, the shoppers, the online stores and the cargo vehicle drivers. Let’s further elaborate how effectively all of them are benefited from this rewarding platform.

  1. Shoppers: online shoppers are most concerned about the delivery of the items they purchase on the stores. There are plenty of delivery services but they don’t promise a delivery time, safety of your goods and convenience of recognizing you by your customer id. While Triwer ensures them a security with an insurance policy and recognize you by your unique customer id which guides them to treat you as you like.
  2. Online Stores: Ecoomerce stores are also the bigger participants of this program since they have to ensure that the goods are reached to the customers in good condition. It’s a great peace of mind for them to use Triwer for their good delivery services.
  3. Cargo Vehicle drivers: The third benefiter of the system are cargo vehicle drivers. In a conventional system there is no mechanism through which they could know a shipment order. This platform is programmed to intimate the drivers through its apps about shipment orders in their near areas. By using it they could save the fuel and earn more money.

Triwer Solution


For the CEP industry to improve, the idea of integration cannot be over emphasized. Triwer will make their platform an open system which is accessible for all and allow developments to be built freely.


Triwer users blockchain technology to track shipments. Triwer sidechain tracks the progress of shipments via geographical waypoints, saved and transparent on the smart contract. This allows all involved to be able to track this from anywhere in the world.


Following blockchain integrated tracking mechanism, security and transparency is ensured which reduces the chances of false signature and forgery on delivery.

Accounting and Payments

Triwer’s distributed ledger ensures that accounting records are clear and unalterable. Payment is instant upon delivery. This increases confidence and increases cash flow and guides against cash debt.


With the use of Triwer app, anybody can use the app and enter the smart contract to track and have knowledge of shipments. Users of the Triwer platform have access to all the advantages of blockchain from improved control, better pricing and tracking. 


Triwer was incorporated (Norway) in 2016. Through 2017 the technology and business plans were developed with the first beta testing taking place during Q1 2018. The private token sale began in May 2018, and the ICO will take place during June 2018. Longer term milestones include:
· July 2018: TRW listed on major exchanges
· August 2018: Full launch in Scandinavia
· Q4 2018: launch in major European cities
· Q1 2019: Expansion across EU
· Q2 2019: Acquisitions and joint ventures
· Q3 2019: Big data and AI integration
· 2020: Extension into Eastern Europe


Token Name: TRW
Token Type: ERC20
Date: May 15th 2018
Price: $0.08 per TRW token
Soft Cap: $5MM
Hard Cap: $25MM
Total Token Supply: 1,000,000,000
Available during token sale: 375,000,000
Accepted payment types: ETH & BTC



  • Michael Stout is an internationally focused information security consultant, lecturer, and mentor. With a background in ethical hacking and senior management, he specializes in helping companies and directors understand, define, and implement their cyber-security strategy. He has taught and consulted at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre, the Dutch Police Academy, police force of the Republic of Ireland (Irish police), other government organizations, businesses and high-profile private individuals.
  • Kedar Iyeris a blockchain programmer, instructor, and author of two blockchain books. Kedar is the founder of Emergent Phenomena, a blockchain engineering and consulting company, and is a member of the Everipedia founding team.
  • Suchet Dhindsa is a Norwegian entrepreneur, investor and economist. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer at Everipedia, and holds an MBA from NMBU School of Economics and Business in Norway. He has previously worked for the United Nations and Kudelski Group. Suchet brings + 10 years of experience in global expansion strategy, venture capital and emerging technologies​
  • Sam Farao is a serial-entrepreneur, growth hacker and a blockchain visionary. Marketing specialist within SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing. Sam uses his skills and expertise in scaling businesses from 0 to 100 using necessary marketing techniques. Sam has a passion for assisting emerging start-ups both as an advisor and an investor.


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