Quadrant Protocol

About 90% of all information available on the network was created over the past 10 years. The development and popularization of network technologies have become a real catalyst in information layer formation , the volume of which today is estimated in millions of exabytes. 

However, such accessibility and openness of information sources led to the fact that the network is flooded with a huge amount of false data that are cloned exponentially. This distorts various statistical reports and also limits the use of this information in apps. 

The solution to this problem was taken by the Quadrant Protocol platform, which will be responsible for the authentication of information, as well as its structuring. 

What exactly is Quadrant Protocol?

Quadrant Protocol can simply be defined as a robust initiative, which was developed with the objective of eliminating the disparities that can take place when different vendors are selling data they have got for the consumption of people. 

When these disparities are eliminated, every single entity within the AI space will be provided with the opportunity to grow and compete with the help of data. The companies don’t need to worry about the level of revenue and the size when using data for the growth. 

This delivers a clear future for the companies that are struggling to achieve success in the world. Quadrant Protocol is based upon the power of Blockchain technology. It gives life to an excellent and a vibrant community. 

This community is in a position to bring together the vendors, producers and consumers of data. Hence, all entities in the community will be provided with the opportunity to optimize data development work, selling off data and purchase of data. 

The Quadrant Protocol network is ensuring the validity of listed data in the meantime. Hence, people will be able to keep peace of mind while they are using the platform. 

The Technology

The main technological innovation of Quadrant Protocol is that it is capable of mapping together all disparate data and make it available to any consumers (not just big corporations). This will be possible through the following features:

  • Proof of Data Authenticity and Provenance,
  • Data Smart Contracts (called Constellations) for Disparate Data
  • Fair Remuneration and Incentive Sharing.

Quadrant Protocol differentiates between the following types of the stakeholders who will use the platform. Nurseries, creators of raw data, Pioneers, data vendors who create products using Quadrant's smart contracts, Elons (not Musks:-), visionaries who will use already created data products to build new, innovative products, and Guardians, masternodes that protect the integrity of the blockchain.

The data providers will be able to hash the data and record its unique DNA stamp on the Quadrant Protocol. The consumers will then be able to verify the authenticity of that data and solve any discrepancies should the latter appear.Constellations will be able to pull and arrange data from various sources, sell it to data consumers and remunerate data providers.

Features of the project

As already mentioned above, for any solution to the problem, we must use only breakthrough technologies. The Quadrant Protocol has several very important features that will enable it to realize the idea. The Quadrant Protocol is built on the Proof of Data Authenticity and Provenance protocol.

Of course, we must recognize the value of trust. Increasingly, we are faced with the fact that systems are not working efficiently and we need to look at projects with quality implementations. Since the economy requires constant relations between the participants and this trust is important for the full functioning of the system, we must turn our attention to the blockchain. 

Since all the information in the blockchain is very easily tracked, we will see a very big breakthrough. Most often, we just need to understand where our information is transmitted and how it will be used by market participants. Of course, we can believe without evidence, but the technology of blockchain gives us both the evidence of the transfer of information, and the confidence that this information will not be changed in the future. 

It is very difficult to overestimate the importance of trust and trust will play an important role in the project. When a user receives data, he hashes them to make sure that the data that was received is identical to the one that was sent. If the data is the same, the user has proof of purchase. If the data does not match, both parties can communicate with each other to solve their problem. 

QUAD and eQuad tokens

The network will use two different currencies for its protocol: eQuad and QUAD.QUAD is the main network token, while eQuad is a token corresponding to the ERC-20 standard, to Ethereum, which will be available under ICO, and which can be converted to QUAD when the core Quadrant network is launched.

Using the token:

  1. Enabling simple and complex access structures
  2. Stamping and verification of data
  3. Subscription payments
  4. Accessing
  5. Services available in the future



The Team and Advisors

From the technical perspective, Quadrant Protocol's team looks strong and capable to deliver. CEO Mike Davie has several years of experience with Samsung while Director of Engineering Barkha Jasani spent many years with various Indian software companies. 

The rest of the team had different technical roles at DataStreamX, a company that sells commercial data globally, which confirms the team's expertise in the data sector.

The advisors should help the team accelerate at fields they might be not too experienced at and support their blockchain expertise. In addition to Quadrant Protocol, Dorjee Sun also helps such projects as Perlin, Santiment and Airbloc.

Benedict Chan is the incumbent CTO of BitGo, while Hari Krishnan held senior managerial positions at many companies, including LinkedIn and Fox Interactive Media. Most recently, the advisor team was reinforced with Bluzelle CEO Pavel Bains. 

More info about the project:

BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1803026 

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