MonsterBit : clone of CryptoKitties Based Blockchain


Friends, in this review we will talk about a fairly new direction in the field of crypto industry - crypto-graphics, namely about a new, developing project of MonsterBit.Gaming has always been an advanced and rapidly developing field, which, among other things, set the pace of technical development of personal computer equipment. 

The developers of computer games with each new release of their software increased the requirements for the performance of gaming machines. But it did not stop anyone, the avid game lovers upgraded their PCs and continued to pass their favorite games. 

Passion, excitement and involvement in the virtual space does not stop players and in online games, when for the next stage of the game you need to buy a new weapon or armor for your hero, increase his level of magic or improve his health. In the gaming space, sales of pumped heroes and attributes for them are very popular. 

All this is natural for the most real money. In earnest, lovers of games invest thousands of dollars in virtual entertainment. All these cash flows eventually flow to the game developers. 

In this review, we will focus on a fairly new direction in the field of crypto industry — crypto-games, namely a new, developing MonsterBit project.

And this game is quite worthy to take its niche and win the love of the audience. These are funny monsters, very similar to those of the “Monsters Corporation”, which, unlike the “Cats” can generate food, grow from malf to large and fight among themselves for a free opportunity to eat. 

The similarity of these projects is that you can give monsters to make friends and get offspring, which you can then sell and get cryptocurrency. 

Of course, that means income. To play you need to buy yourself a hero, in this case it is crypticot (no matter how strange it sounds). Then they are resurrected, crossed and brought new breeds, which are then sold for thousands of dollars. Madness! - You will say. Maybe. But this is the same game, enthusiasm, someone is ready to pay to receive pleasure, and someone is ready to make money from it. 

For every in-game transaction, the developer takes a commission. Thus, the developers of CryptoKitties - AxiomZen studio, managed to earn about $ 2.7 million in a week. Users make 25,000 transactions, 20,500 cryptotics sold at an average cost of $ 108.Do you like these numbers? For me, very much! But over time, in any project, popularity is gradually declining, which means the user needs to offer something new. 

So, the development team is in a hurry to introduce new decentralized game MonsterBit. The essence is the same as cryptotics, just a hero who is quite a monster. The team carefully analyzes all minus and plus CryptoKitties projects. Function, developer error, user displeasure. 

And all of this is taken into account in addition by extending the functionality in your MonsterBit project. In this case, you grow your little monster, buy food, guns. In the future, your hero can be sold and not bad in this case. I believe that it's important to attract advertisers to the platform.

Suppose you are a player and do not want to pay real money for food to your monsters, you have an alternative - you can see ads instead of paying. And other interesting features - your monsters will be able to advertise the goods.

The project's internal currency is Ethereum. It is in it will occur all the calculations inside the game. MB token gives the right to buy GOD monsters that generate the system.

In total, it is planned to sell 6,000,000 MB tokens in three rounds of sales.1 round = 1 000 000 MB tokens. 

The sale is already in progress and will last until 20.03.2018.

The cost of the token in Round 1: 1MB = $ 0.22 round = 2 000 000 MB tokens. The sales period is from 11.04 to 25.04.2018.

The cost of the token in Round 2: 1MB = $ 0.5Round 3 = 3,000,000 MB tokens. The sales period is from 26.05 to 10.06.2018.

The cost of the token in Round 3: 1MB = $ 1- $ 2

The fully functional MonsterBit game is scheduled for release by the team on 01/07/2018.

If you want to participate in this project, I highly recommend that you read the details on the official website and White Paper. All questions you can ask directly to project developers through social networks.


Yes, MonsterBit is copied from CryptoKitties and the authors do not hide it. Why invent and experiment, we take a successful HYIP project and improve it - that's the key to success. Not everyone will understand the concept of crypto. Yes, that is far to go, not everyone understands the essence of crypto-currency. 

But, MonsterBit will satisfy a fairly wide audience. Those who want to play for fun - will do it. Someone will grow their monster, sell it and earn good money, if they want, can do it repeatedly. Advertisers will get potential customers. Well, the developers and investors of the project will get their planned profit. 



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