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Investing crypto assets would not let an investor advantage from an upcoming rise in their worth, that is why a lot of financierspay money for less crypto and hold their order to collect advantages. Now, here is where Money Token system comes into the role. This is a virtual platform allowing financiers to borrow diff liquid funds immediately—the most excellent part is that the borrowing will be completed on the basis of your digital currency asset holdings’ on hand cost.

This Money Token platform lets you take a loan by applying different unstable assets such as BTC and ETH as a guarantee in return; you will get a credit sum that is available in a stable Currency. When the loan is repaid, you will obtain back the complete security even if it has improved in value.

With this Money Token platform, you’ll not just gain liquid funds but also keep the crypto place and keep on right in the heart of the long time investment play. Put simply, with Money Token ecosystem; there is not any need to put up for sale your owned virtual asset whenever you need stable money or cash.

This block based (Same to THEKEY, BunnyToken, ArmPack, TrustaBit Upline,) credit system is perfect for all those miners who are finding it hard to raise funds to obtain new mining tools; it is meant for those investors and traders who wish to make it large in the crypto asset landscape; likewise, the platform is perfect for ICOs looking to way in quick cash for short time needs.

What problem does Money Token Ecosystem solve?

The issue has been clear for some time - spending virtual assets now removes the capability of holders to advantage from any future development in value; owners who purchase low need to hold on to their to advantage from selling high. This is where Money Token platform enters the industry - the Money Token platform enables you to use liquid funds instantly, based on the present worth of your digital currency asset holdings

.• You take out a loan, collateralized with more unstable assets such as ETH or BTC
• In return, you collect an agreed credit amount in a stable Money.
• After loan refund, you'll receive your entire security back even if security has lots of times increased in value.

With Money Token platform you are capable of collecting liquid funds and staying in your digital money position whole at the same moment.

Money Token - A Block based Financial system which consists of:

• Money Token lending system that gives loans in fiat money or stable coin, secured by security in ETH and BTC;
• MTC - Money Token’s stable coin;
• Money Token decentralized based Exchange service.

Leveraging the power of intelligent agreements

This is a one of its sort block based credit ecosystem where the wroth of every crypto asset can be used as security. However, the cost and credit terms & conditions in this model are clear and publically avail at any moment—plus, they will be governed by smart agreements. 

Due to the existence of a block and smart agreements, the lending model does not require any intermediary apart from the connection that ensures a deal’s completion. As an outcome of the lack of intermediaries, each the financial institutes—lenders and banks —contribution in the digital currency economy can inferior the loan gaining costs and enhance the overall clearness of the procedure.

A revolutionary lending model

This revolutionary system uses whole the fluctuating virtual assets in the shape of security. When crypto security is approved, a loan can be provided as a currency or stable coin. Here're the spots that create this lending model A revolutionary.

• Mechanical loan verification can be completed within a matter of moments or even seconds.
• There is no need for individual loan scoring models for identifying assets.
• Clients can control all the loan situations within the system’s pre-defined periods.
• High clearness is maintained during a security evaluation.

IMT Token Sale

Money Token’s native token IMT is used to fuel the deals or exchanges occurrence within the system.
Here're a few token details associated with this ICO plan.ICO details

• Token Symbol: IMT
• Price: $0.005
• Max emission: 22.49 B
• Private sale : 7 Feb to 21 Mar (Hard cap: $1,500,000)
• Presale: 22nd March to 12th April (Soft cap: $1.5 M, Hard cap: $5,000,000
• Token Sale: 2nd May to 6th June (Soft cap: $3 M, Hard cap: $35,000,000 M)
• Bonus: Yes



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