LeadRex project: ICO Review

LEADREX Platform

The platform is developed in accordance with the principles of scalability and decentralization, based on the technologies Ethereum and Enecuum. Each Blockchain will work apart. This is to fully ensure the stability and selfsufficiency of the platform. Besides the data obtained will always be reliable and unchanged, and the operations performed are transparent. 

The core of the platform integrates all the components necessary for launching and running the campaign, which can be used simultaneously or connected of necessity:

Marketplace will be able to offer premium solutions from thirdparty developers and LeadRex teams for the constructor of selling pages, banners and chat bots.Constructor of selling pages with a set of ready-made templates from professional UX-designers and marketers. 

If desired, each user of the platform will be able to create his own template using a bank of ready-made building blocks and technology “drag-n-drop”. Each landing will turn out to be unique and can change the result of issuing to the requests of a client.

Constructor of banners with a set of ready-made templates from professional marketers. If desired, each user of the platform will be able to create his own banner using a bank of ready-made building blocks and technology “drag-n-drop”.

Constructor of chat-bots with sets of ready-made templates from professional marketers. If desired, each user of the platform will be able to create his own chat-bot using a bank of ready-made building blocks and technology “drag-n-drop”, and the visual constructor will be executed as a “mind map”.

It is not necessary to be able to prescribe the algorithm of the chat-bot operation, it is enough to know what actions it should perform and in what order. The targeted advertising module in social networks will help you set up a campaign thanks to a bank of advertising posts and a handy editor with real-time results displayed.

The contextual advertising module with a set of ad templates from professional marketers. If desired, each user of the platform will be able to create his own ad or template, according to which it will be created. A convenient editor will be also available to view the result in real time.

The analytics module is the link for all modules of the system. Each user of the platform will be able to generate statistics about each launched advertising campaign or the operation of a separate module. All information will be available in real time. 

Based on the results of the generated statistics, optimization options will be offered. CRM-system in real time collects customer database and their history of actions. The analytical base for buyers of all service users is formed from the collected data, which allows more efficient selling of related services or goods.

Artificial intelligence in real time analyzes a lot of advertising channels and end-to-end analytical database of customers, assembled and structured by categories CRM-system. It forms a retargeting base for generating additional sales by offering discounts through the display of banners, ads or personalized offers. 

Benefits of LeadRex

  • Precise targeting: Users can use artificial intelligence and customer base to be updated to find their target customers without incurring unnecessary costs and long-term testing of advertising channels.
  • Easy-to-use platform: This platform is easy to use because even users who have no experience in launching and managing ad campaigns. Each component in the system is developed according to the latest trends in UX design.
  • A principle of contact: This platform uses the principle of a contact, eliminating the need to use other separate services from that platform. All system components are available in the user's cabinet at all times.
  • Financial analysis: Users can easily and at any time create analytical reviews based on available data on the internal CRM system and thus calculate the cost of the ad campaign and the possible profit values.

The economy of the platform and its token LDX

The company offers only one kind of coins — utility tokens. LDX are released as a tool to improve the internal economy of the project. Since the utilitarian token is used, its holders cannot receive systematic profit from it in the form of dividends, but they will have additional opportunities within LeadRex.  

The distribution of the collected funds in the ICO process is as follows: 


Anton Skripka – CEO
Oleg Tarasov – CCO
Alexander Melodiev – CTO
Abdulnasir Tursunov – Business Development Manager
Asia Larkin – Project Manager
Matthew Raymer – Lead Blockchain Developer
Pouria Almassi – Developer
Alexander Babushkin – SMO
Aziz Yusupov – Creative Director
Deni Skrinnikov – PR-Manager
Konstantin Skulkin – Support Specialist
Pavel Ivanov – Bounty Manager LeadREX


Roman Karimov
Jason Hung
Mofassair Hossain
Naviin Kapoor
Shebin John
Guarav Areng Chakraverti
Madhu Gupta
Anton Dzyatkovskiy 


If you are looking for a project for investment — LDX is worthy of your attention. Despite the fact that investors do not receive dividends when holding tokens, profits can be obtained with the development of the platform itself. The more capitalization the company receives, the higher the price of its tokens will be. 

The project itself is quite promising, its functionality will be in demand by a lot of people, so we can say that in the near future LeadRex will gain momentum and take its place among the leaders of the ICO market.

For more details on this project, please feel free to click on any of the following links:

Website: https://leadrex.io/
Whitepaper: https://leadrex.io/docs/WP_LEADREX_ENG.pdf
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/leadrex
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LeadRexAi
Telegram: https://t.me/LeadRex_EN
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980476.0
Medium: https://medium.com/@leadrex
Twitter: https://twitter.com/leadrex
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/LeadRex
My BITCOINTALK URL: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1803026
WALLET: 0x4Dee57462D1FCD77Db2FA625C02f6E863563A322 

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