LocalCoinSwap ICO — The most comprehensive cryptoccil market in the worldLocalCoinSwap wants to create a platform where buyers and sellers can trade any kind of cryptocurrency directly with each other. With recent user changes to the permissions, a secure P2P exchange and ease of use without any unnecessary verification or waiting time can be very attractive to many people. passionate about cryptocurrency. Moreover, this platform uses a secure escrow system to solve the trust issues when it comes to online P2P trading. 

What is LocalCoinSwap (LCS)?

LocalCoinSwap ICO (LCS) is a decentralized market that allows buyers and sellers to directly purchase any payment method. LocalCoinSwap provides a secure, uncomplicated and fast peer-to-peer transaction platform that allows users to freely exchange without requiring unnecessary verification or waiting time. This platform uses a secure escrow system to address the inherent reliability issues of online P2P transactions. LocalCoinSwap is hosting a large event of LCS Cryptoshares. 

Cryptoshares is a digital asset that will be used to facilitate the distribution of all profits due to the LocalCoinSwap platform, in addition to the profits gained from the new LocalCoinSpap business operations. Cryptoshare holders will receive additional ICO releases listed on the LocalCoinSwap platform.

The final goal of LocalCoinSwap is to create a better p2p cryptocurrency swap. It will address the issues of centralized exchange and decentralization today. It will have a escrow service to facilitate distributed cryptocurrency exchanges, making it a decentralized exchange.  

How does ICC WorkCycle work?

LocalCoinSpap is emphasizing low cost for merchants. Users will facilitate peer-to-peer transactions, meaning that you do not have to pay a brokerage fee. LocalCoinSwap also claims to support more cryptokurencies and methods of payment than any other peer-to-peer exchange in existence. LocalCoinSwap solves some of the biggest problems of the cryptocurrency market:

The cryptocurrency economy is now filling the monopoly giant: LocalCoinSwap is the most comprehensive exchange in the world. No discrimination, no registration required and no verification required. Secure, easy and fun transaction interface.LocalCoinSwap distributes 100% of the profits to the owners of Cryptoshares on a 1- to 1 basis, through a blockchain-based dividend application.

The current P2P market only supports a large number of crypto and payment methods are very small: LocalCoinSwap has a perfect peer to peer system. No centralized bank account, no verification required, and no commercial restriction.

Major transactions are dominated by commercial banks and restricted trade: LocalCoinSwap will open with at least 10 most traded crypto, continually expanding to integrate more. Mobilization funds are being used to increase the selection of supported currencies upon launch. 

Cryptoshare Overview

LCS Cryptoshares are not like traditional ICO tokens. Instead of a vague promise of possible future returns or idealistic visions which may never eventuate into product, Cryptoshares entitle the holders to guaranteed rights to 100% of the total profits from the Localcoinswap exchange through cryptocurrency dividends. Profits are paid to shareholders in the same cryptocurrencies in which they are made, allowing the investor to receive a regular stream of portfolio income. 

Cryptoshare holders are also entitled to receive airdrops of new tokens when ICO’s are listed on the LocalCoinSwap platform. In addition, LCS Cryptoshares entitle the holder to voting rights in the platform’s decisionmaking process, such as the listing of new tokens on the exchange, the direction of new business ventures and design considerations or functionalities for the platform. Cryptoshares in LocalCoinSwap are more than just a stream of dividends, by investing you become an integral part of the future of the exchange itself.


The presale period will run with a bonus allocation of 40%. The presale will be closed immediately if 10,000,000 Cryptoshares are distributed. During the crowdsale period funding milestones have been set at each $5,000,000 increment. As each increment is reached all existing purchasers of the crowdsale event receive an additional 5% airdrop of Cryptoshares to be distributed once the crowdsale closes. These airdrops are also distributed to presale purchasers, but not to Cryptoshares held by the development team, security/bounty fund & new venture fund.

• $5,000,000 of funding reached: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares.

• $10,000,000 of funding reached: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares.

• $15,000,000 of funding reached: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares.

• $20,000,000 of funding reached: All existing Cryptoshare crowdsale investors receive 5% additional Cryptoshares. 

Residual tokens are then destroyed to increase total value to all investors.

The primary use of all funds raised from the crowdsale is to expand the features of the platform and support addition of new coins. The exact allocation of funds between platform development, security and coin addition will depend on the amount of investment made. 

Primary consideration is always given to increases to security of the platform during budgeting considerations.

30%: Allocated to increase the security of the platform. LocalCoinSwap offers trading in a large variety of digital assets. To protect against all possible threats multiple layers of redundancy have been implemented in wallet systems, and security critical processes abstracted to separate servers. A large allocation of crowdsale revenue towards security will provide users assurance that LocalCoinSwap is a safe platform on which to trade.

30%: Allocated exclusively for the addition of new coins. LocalCoinSwap aims to provide the maximum diversity of trading options upon launch and will hire dedicated staff solely to investigate and implement new cryptocurrencies.

20%: Used for further development and expansion of the platform. This will enhance scalability and the number of features which will be offered on initial launch.

15%: For business development, marketing & advertising. LocalCoinSwap will implement broad marketing & advertising strategies to increase the user base of the platform upon launch. These strategies are refined and focused campaigns based on the data and analytics gathered during the Cryptoshare issuance.

5%: Allocated for administration costs incurred during the final development of the platform. Currencies offered as dividend payment.LocalCoinSwap will launch with as many of the most traded cryptocurrencies as development time allows. 

The initial launch aims for a minimum of the leading 17 cryptocurrencies which are ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH, ETC, MONERO, RIPPLE, EOS, TRONIX, TETHER, VECHAIN, BINANCE, POWERLEDGER, DECISION TOKEN, GOLEM and WALTON. The platform will add new cryptocurrencies at a constant rate in order to encompass the majority of the cryptocurrency market.

LCS Cryptoshares will entitle users to a vote in the listing priority of new currencies through a direct democracy contract using their voting tokens.

LocalCoinSwap recognises that the cryptocurrency economy is a constantly changing environment with new assets emerging on a regular basis. By actively engaging with the holders of Cryptoshares, LocalCoinSwap will implement the coins which the community wishes to trade. All of these currencies will now be available as payment methods. 

Airdrops of new ICO token listings

LocalCoinSwap provides a listing service for new ICO tokens to allow them to launch on the LocalCoinSwap platform or raise pre-ICO and presale funding. The requirement for new ICO tokens wishing to raise pre-ICO funding is that LocalCoinSwap users and Cryptoshare holders must be entitled to special discount offerings.

Decentralisation of ownership

Cryptoshares owners are valuable members of the LocalCoinSwap community. As such, they are entitled to provide input in all facets of site development, new business ventures, as well as having complete ownership of their respective share of profits.


LocalCoinSwap will provide an open and transparent exchange to its shareholders. The blockchain itself will provide an unforgeable record of all dividend payouts to Cryptoshare holders. LocalCoinSwap will have a continuous, transparent, and blockchain-based overview of all cryptocurrency revenues generated and to be distributed. 


ICO LocalCoinSwap (LCS)

Token: LCS
Price: 1 LCS = 0.0004 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Accepted Payment: ETH, BTC, USDT, BCH, XRP, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, NZD, CAD & more
Small capitalization: 500,000 USD
Large capitalization / Target mobilization: $ 20,000,000
Country: Hong Kong
Whitelist / KYC: No
Restricted Participation: Toeen, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Hong Kong, Sudan, Afghanistan and Iran
Pre-ICO: 31/03/2018
Start of ICO: 15/04/2018
End of ICO: 15/06/2018
Total Token 100,000,000
For pre-ICO / presale / ICO 70,000,000
Locked Token: 20,000,000
Tokens that are not sold out will be burned 


 . 2015 DECEMBER 2015 Company incorporation
. 2016 SEPTEMBER 2016 Initial team members established
. 2017 MARCH 2017 Concept development
. AUGUST 2017 Development on exchange begins
. 2018 FEBRUARY 2018 Official whitepaper launch
. MARCH 2018 Presale
. APRIL 2018 Cryptoshare ICO
. MAY 2018 Submission for exchange listings
. JUNE 2018 Early investor access to platform
. JULY 2018 First Cryptoshare holder vote
. AUGUST 2018 Launch date for exchange
. OCTOBER 2018 Integrated REST API
. 2019 JANUARY 2019 Mobile trading application
. 2019 FEBRUARY 2019 Start of dividend distributions.


At the head of the company is Aapeli Vuorinen, the chief security engineer who has an analytical mind, a hacker behind him who has worked on a large number of projects for 10 years. 

The team also includes other major specialists, such as:

  • Nathan Worsley - Technical Director ; 
  • Valery Nathanelov - Marketing Specialist;
  • Daniel Worsley - Operations Director; 
  • Kevin Sparks is the leading developer. 

The head office of the company is located in Van Chai - this is in Hong Kong China. The company was established in 2015.


In my opinion LocalCoinSwap is one of the most worthy projects to date. After all, a stock exchange with such functionality and such a large number of crypto-currencies in a short time will become the leading exchange in the world. And you will no longer need to create a bunch of accounts on different others when everything is on one. An excellent project worthy of attention!

More details can be found on the links below:

My profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1803026 

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