Cryptyk (ICO) - The Blockchain for Enterprise Security

The Cyber-Security Market is highly integrated and linked with storage markets. While there are various benefits of cyber security markets, it opens the business enterprise to inevitable cyber-security breaches or hacks. 

What a Product Do They Offer?

In simple terms, the solution is aimed at small businesses and individual users, who want to enjoy the opportunities of the cyber security cloud drive service. According to the creators of Cryptyk, the platform is much cheaper as compared to other blockchain-based data-processing ecosystems. The software features a variety of opportunities, such as:

  • data storage;
  • file sharing;
  • protection of data;
  • editing of documents;
  • messaging, and so on.

 Aimed at both organizations and individual users, the system of Cryptyk can be compared to standard cloud storage services with the delay time of over 200 milliseconds. The only difference is that the new solution is non-centralized for the sake of reducing latency. 

Instead of preventing file security flaws, the team behind Cryptyk is focused on the assumption that hacks are inevitable. They are doing their best to make every piece of information ‘hack-proof’. 

Using the unique Hybrid Blockchain Mechanism, the specialists behind the software integrate the encrypted system of data preservation with the blockchain tools for file monitoring. Thus, the ecosystem of Cryptyk gets the opportunity to protect users’ information from the major cloud security threats. 

How does CRYPTYK Operate?

CRYPTYK operates a multi-cloud storage platform. Each file is first encrypted and then splitted into 5 or more shards. Each shard is there after re-encrypted before been stored on independent cloud storage providers like IBM, AMAZON, GOOGLE etc. 

A single file might end up be in being in 6 splits(bits) stored in up to 6 locations. This way it becomes very hard for external hackers to have access to your files.

In addition to this system of file sharing, CRYPTYK uses blockchain to monitor the entire process, from auditing to network access to determining which user(participant in the decentralized network) gets which data/file all in a bid to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

You'll find more about the technicalities involved in their mode of operation in the technology white paper below. 


The crowdfunding details and token economy 

The CTK Token Sale Event is designed to bring in the primary market penetration for the financial, legal, accounting and insurance industries. The token is denoted by the symbol CTK and it is a ERC – 20 standard token that is powered by blockchain technology.

A total of 750 million CTK tokens will be created for the purpose of sale. The ICO is divided into Private Pre-Sale and Public Sale rounds. Tokens are priced at 10 cents for for pre-sale investors and 12.5 cents for public sale investors. The Pre-Sale Launch Date is set for Thursday, February 8, 2018. The Pre-Sale Close Date Friday July 6, 2018. 

The Bonuses for Volume Purchases is fixed at 10% – 40% bonuses for purchases that go over $50k, $100k, $250k, $500k, $1million. Early Investor Bonus Period 10% early investor bonus available if purchased in first 8 days of round.

The team is an experienced team in the field of cybersecurity and blockchain technology. The funds which will be collected during the crowdsale will be utilized for the development and marketing purposes. 

Supported by very experienced Advisors and some ace investors which speaks volume about the potential of Cryptyk.

Cryptyk is official IBM embedded solution partner for blockchain and cloud services and was named in top 10 enterprise security startups of the year 2018. 


Partners, Awards, and Achievements

Being at the early stage of its growth, the ecosystem of Cryptyk can already boast a number of serious awards:

  • Top Ten Startups in the sphere of data protection for the current year;
  • 98th out of 100 in the list of best ICO projects by ICO Ranker;
  • 10 out of 10 for the specialists and the whitepaper by Foundico, and many others.

The software is supported by a number of influential representatives of cryptocurrency market:

  1. UberDelta. This New York based securities exchange will represent CTK as its very first ERC-20 compliant tokens.
  2. Orderbook. This digital currency trading platform will automatically enlist Cryptyk Tokens after the end of their Public Sale.
  3. Bancor. The company has come into cooperation with the new ecosystem, so that CTK holders could access to continuous liquidity irrespective of their trade volume.

Cryptyk can boast of other serious supporters that are sure that the new decentralized data storage ecosystem will be a success. At the moment, it has a fully operational and carefully checked prototype website with the delay time of almost 200 milliseconds. 

CyberSecurity is very important in today’s world, especially for the businesses. A growing industry. Security is the prime concern and Cryptyk will create a revolution in CyberSecurity and will provide a complete solution to the problem of cyber attacks. Come Join the revolution. 

For more details Visit 

Business Whitepaper
Technology White Paper
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