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CREST TOKEN: Token that pays Daily Passive Income

 The promotion commercial center is essentially the main world in getting individuals mindful of what is going on and the level of item accessibility they can get to. it prompts advertising efforts and connecting practicality for the general population. This has taken another turn as computerized approaches has been presently comprehensive. it is a universe of advanced promoting effort. Henceforth, aside utilizing the web-based social networking, the ejection of the blockchain currently has emitted the development of the cresttoken digital money stage for clients. The stage sets up the simple specialty required for online computerized advertising and institutionalization all in all. 

What is Crest token?

The peak token is essentially a keen ad (advertisement) crusade token which is additionally combined with peak digiad stage which keeps running on the peak token stage. it builds up the very pre-level of a specialty in the savvy advertisement advanced commercial center. it speaks to only the specific usefulness of internet promoting build and man-made brainpower system for running showcasing and ad battles, thusly, producing and making a wage pool for the peak token network.

This builds up the specific certainty of why the stage was set up in any case for cryptographic money brokers, clients, and diggers in the market. 

The Crest DigiAd Platform 

 This platform is designed with the functionality of online marketing and artificial intelligence to allocate Crest utility tokens to run several marketing and advertising campaigns, thereby generating income for the members of the Crest community.Streams of Income for You
• Referral program
• DigiAd Campaign (1.75%-2.25% daily tokens)
• Internal Exchange/Trading
• Staking Income (monthly dividends)
• Bounty Program 

How it works?

As a new user, you need to register to have a crest account and you’ll be provided with your personal ICO dashboard. Once logged in, follow the instructions on your ICO dashboard. All you have to do is deposit ETH or BTC to the address provided on your dashboard. Then you will be given your CSTT tokens which is compatible to your ERC20 wallet and Voila!!! You’re done. It’s that simple. 

Why Crest token?

The peak token builds up basically, a route for making automated revenue through online advanced showcasing and computerized promoting too. it speaks to a procedure all around made by the peak group with long stretches of involvement in dealing with the cryptographic money progression and the enormous multi-billion dollar web based showcasing and advanced cash advertise for the clients all in all. it is a win-win for the clients, particularly in the present digital currency space. 

What makes us one of a kind from the rest?

The peak token is outlined with initially a plan of action that is absolutely free of the digital money showcase. Besides, it likewise has the interesting highlights of an all around created framework(platform) at its ICO shutting. 

Every day email and online networking correspondence, a well practical lower and higher ICO top range, liberal abundance program, no withholding of client bitcoins and a composed buyback alternatives arrangement for the clients in the peak token network. Besides, Crest token has clear receptiveness as far as ICO subsidize portions. 

 Crest Token

CSTT's own cryptocurrency is used to perform calculations on the platform, which allows purchasing templates for developing own marketing campaign. Tokens work on the basis of Ethereum according to the ERC-20 standard and are compatible with many cryptocurrency wallets. 

Currently, the platform is in the process of the pre-ICO, which lasts until June 18. During the pre-sales, 1 million CSTTs are being sold at a price of up to 1.85 dollars per token. This offer is beneficial for investors compared to the terms of the main crowdsale, which starts on June 18 and lasts for a month. You can purchase CSTT using ETH or BTC. To achieve hardcap, it is necessary to sell 1 500 CSTT.

The attracted investments are planned to be spent on the technical development of the platform (15%), reserve in case of force majeure (25%), marketing promotion of the project (20%), payment for team services (15%), etc. 

ICO Details

Symbol: CSTT
Pre-ICO: 24th May – 18th June
Main ICO: 18th June – 18th July
Token Price: $0.25/CSTT – $1.85/CSTT
Pre-Sale ICO Tokens: 1,000,000
Main ICO Tokens: 6,400,000
Total Supply: 12,500,000
Min/Max Personal Cap: 20 / 1500 CSTT
Accepts BTC an ETH 


Thus, Crest Token project is an innovative project to educate users about the basics of online advertising and, thanks to the implemented algorithms for developing marketing campaigns, to create their successful, profitable and concise advertising projects. 

Crest platform includes all the advantages of Internet marketing and artificial intelligence and is aimed at earning income from Crest Token project members, generating cryptocurrency for launching advertising and marketing campaigns and raising the platform's revenues. 



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