Twin town of India & Brazil

You might have seen twins, triplets, quadruplets or more near by you. May be in your family or friends or in neighborhood, but have you ever seen village of twins ?

There are only 3 villages/towns in world where you can find many twins.

1. Twin town of India

There is village named "Kodinhi" located in Malappuram district in Kerala, #india where you can find twins in every family.


Kodinhi village came in to spotlight when there was survey done by locals & they found that there are unusual number of twins present in village. There are around 220 twin pairs & 2 triplets in just 2,000 families in this village which makes this village very much special.


Twin rate in india is around 4 out of 1000 births but in this twin tower rate is 45 out of 1000 births which is very high compared to twin rate in india. Oldest twins were born in 1949 & according to local this all started 6-7 decades a go.

Scientists are trying to figure out the cause of this high rate of twins birth but till now reason is unknown. Genetic, biological, pollutants or chemical factors have been rejected as twin birth are happening only in this village & all twins are healthy & without any defects.


Medical science is trying to find out the exact reason of high twinning rate in this village but so far have not succeeded. Artificial insemination or other fertility treatments have been ruled out as the villagers are too poor to afford them. Genetic, biological, pollutants or chemical factors have been discounted as well since the effect is localized in this one village and births are happening healthy, without any defects.

Some other neighboring villages like Cherumukku & Umri also show a similar incidence but rate is not as high as "Kodinhi" village. Locals say that this could be due to yam and root vegetables which they consume a lot, while women's say that it could be due to air & water.

Here is video on same.

2. Twin town of Brazil

Candido Godoi is another place in Brazil where you can find high rate of twins.
The twin rate of Candido Godoi is around 10% which is very high as compared to twin rate of 1.8% of state of Rio Grande do Sul. There are around 700 twins in population of 6,600 people which is very high.


It is said that it is due to Nazi doctor "Josef Mengele" who had done some studies & experiments in Germany fled to South America due to Allies closing in on the Nazi German regime. Argentine historian Jorge Camarasa said that Josef Mengele also conducted test on woen in this area & this twin phenomenon could be reason of it, but local historian Paulo Sauthier says that Josef Mengele did not conducted any experiments while he was in Brazil. AS per records high rate of twins had started before Josef Mengele arrived in Brazil.

Here is video on same

There is one more town named "Igbo-Ora" in Nigeria which has high rate of twins.

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