Smart Containers | New technologies of containers and iOT | ICO

What is it Smart Containers?

   Its ICO united new technologies of containers and iOT. It’s all integrated into block chains. 

   CEO Richard Ettl introducing Smart Containers in this video:

How will you receive your dividends?

   All holders will receive 20 percent of dividends. Every year company holds a meeting after the fifteenth of February. You will receive your dividends after the fifteenth of March.

Can we get a profit statement in future?

   No one firm can’t make commitment or estimation which concerns a future. It’s not ethical and not a professional question.

About ICO

   Smart Containers ICO use for transportation of food products. In 2018 one most European firm will launch this program.

   Sometimes dividends depend on many factors. Using this technology on blockchain we can replace old methods on new technology.

What rights do people come with investment?

   If talk about The SMARC token so we can say that it’s a token which generates a profit. All people who will be holders will count to making a profit. 20 percent of dividends will be distributed among all holders of The SMARC token. If you have a LOGI token so you can use it for pay transactions on LOGI CHAIN.We can say that The SMARC token is a security token and you can receive your dividends.

About token SMARC

  • Name of the token: SMARC;
  • Total capitalization: 150 000 000;
  • Tokens offered in the ICO: 120 000 000;
  • HardCup: 36 000 000 USD;
  • Price:  0.432 USD;
  • Pre-sale bonus: 25%.

About token LOGI

  • Name of the token: LOGI;
  • Total capitalization: 100 000 000;
  • Tokens offered in the ICO: 20 000 000;
  • HardCup: 4 000 000 USD;
  • Price: 0.285 USD;
  • Pre-sale bonus: 25%.



Which advantages of using this?

   This firm has several working products. You can write to technical department of the firm for receiving a document with information, illustrations, or read a whitepaper. It gives more information about the system. All links at the end of the article.

   All companies can receive financial statements. This company can say that all financial statements audited by PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

   Smart Containers ICO is a logistic system. It’s a reliable system which simplifies transportation food products, etc.

   Smart Containers ICO is an autonomous intellectual program. Also, you can use additional services like an insurance, payments, etc. All logistic users and companies can use Smart Containers ICO. This program provides an amount of functionality.




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