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About GLITZKOIN platform 

   Since ancient times we knew about diamond industry. There are many problems which associated with the extraction of precious stones, their realization in the market. There are also difficulties associated with storage and safe transportation of precious stones. 

   Today there are many problems and exactly this become reasons which don’t allow expanding the market and give opportunity for coming new participants. 

   For to solve problems and transform the diamond industry invented a special platform. Let’s introduce! GLITZKOIN is the first decentralized platform which is able to solve many tasks.  

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   Diamonds are expensive assets. Most market participants are actively interested in their production. More than 10 million people in the world work in the diamond industry. 

About GLITZKOIN project  

   This startup united innovative technologies. Let’s list them: 

  • block chain; 
  • smart contracts; 
  • automated control systems which exclude risks in financial transactions. 

   By means of the project ecosystem we can create open trade sites for the sale of precious stones. In this system for participants created special opportunities. It’s allows to certify, trade, transportation of diamonds and use other functions. 

About functional features of GLITZKOIN 

   Use block chain technologies we can improve the efficiency of workflow (we mean documents), reduce transportation costs.  

   If use this platform we will link all sellers of precious stones and participants of the diamond mining industry. 

   Using the system of global accounting for diamonds we can locate, unify and monitor operations. Using capabilities of this system we can put on the register all certified diamonds. Also we can fully identify diamonds which will prevent fraudulent activities with these precious stones.  

   This decentralized site will simplify transactions. The features of operations with diamonds are the need to protect of participant’s dates.  

   When participants use the GLITZKOIN technology they can be sure to safe own information because platform uses block chain technologies and smart contracts. Besides significantly simplifies access to additional services (insurance, transportation). 

About confidentiality of information 

   The GLITZKOIN is perfectly combines private and public Bloch chains. It means that participants can be sure that commercial secrets will not be disclosed to other people. Details of transactions will not be public. 

About comfortable using of platform 

   The architecture of GLITZKOIN is designed for convenient use of various functions of the system. When we use the system we will not need to own any special technical knowledge.  

   Byzantine agreement allows to identify and to eliminate scammers. To the market participants this agreement to provides safety of the network. There are also in safety archival information which confirms transactions. If necessary it’s can be provided for to prove the conscientiousness of the platforms’ participants.  

   In the structure of the GLITZKOIN’s system there are all services which are necessary for make operations with diamonds. This noticeably simplifies the transaction process and speed up it. 



Road Map

The main stages of the diamond industry: 

   The GLITZKOIN introduces a platform which will allow professionals and beginners to have access to the diamond industry. An increase profitability of operations is connected with the exclusion of intermediaries. 

   The GLITZKOIN system united the best that is in the newest economic systems and is traditionally characteristically for the diamond industry. 




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