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Today, blockchain is still an incomprehensible technology for many, and this makes it more difficult to evolve. 99% of the population do not understand, nor what is blockchain, neither bitcoin, nor crypto-currencies. Scholars, technical visionaries and experts try to explain in different ways, but often only make the subject of discussion even more incomprehensible, more raising new questions than clarifying.Many of the debates about blockchain are of a purely technical nature, and therefore are useless for understanding by the general public. As a result, most discussions create the impression that the blockchain is a solution that is still waiting for the appearance of its problem. And this gives food to numerous skeptics.

About Merculet

Merculet is the blockchain network provider company for serving cryptocurrency to its users. Their tagline says a lot about their company service which says, “Chief growth officer of the global entrepreneur”. They are highly focused on the business entrepreneur throughout the world. They are maximizing the value of internet by becoming the ultimate solution just by implementing the attention of the user towards the growth of the enterprise. They are working hard to fulfill their wishes and moving forward with a bunch of satisfied customer or users.


It is quite difficult to attract attention to a young and growing company. The project Merculet is made specifically to facilitate the life of numerous start-ups. The developers of this project do their best to enable users with their own business to create a model for promoting their business.Another urgent problem that worries many entrepreneurs concerns monetization. It happens that some projects, which are successful in their niche, do not pay off in any way. This happens especially often in the IT sector. Many well-known social networks somehow faced this unpleasant problem. The Merculet platform will help to solve it.The Merculet project can also be used by experienced teams, which become more difficult to attract the attention of numerous users over time. The project Merculet will help to solve the problems associated with the wrong conduct of the advertising campaign.


Merculet proposes a development philosophy in light of user attention. This Network interfaces both the free market activity sides of attention with an open protocol suite to advance a prudent course of the Internet of Value. From one perspective, it provides differing techniques for the user task. Then again, it offers genuine users and business situations for different existing open chain ventures, advancing the viable flow of significant worth.

  • User Attention Value (UAV) assessment framework
    UAV System successfully assesses user attention. It set up an enduring put stock in connection amongst business person and user and in addition another system for the group of interests
  • Attention Incentive framework: UAT (User Attention Token)
    Business visionaries can issue UAT to users in light of UAV esteem. The UAT will grapple the fundamental MVP (Merculet Value Protocol) token,
  • Address the wellspring of user attention,
    MVP is described with, Limited aggregate sum by keep up a specific level of expandability and shortage, Numerous flow situation with a wide scope which underpins all business situations of client benefit endeavors and Wide target gathering of people. Attention Economy covers the whole portable Internet users. MVP can extend the change and assessment of user esteem, and bit by bit guide esteem sharing.

Why Merculet?

Who else might need such an indicator as the attention of users? It is needed both for commercial companies and for private entrepreneurs. They are always interested in seeing as many people as possible paying attention to the products they offer. This means that private entrepreneurs and commercial companies will try to seek help from projects such as Merculet.This project offers a lot of additional tools that will help businessmen improve their work efficiency.

Token distribution

Volume: 10,000,000,000 MVP (Finite supply. All MVP tokens pre-minted.)
Softcap: 10,000 ETH
Hardcap: 37,000 ETHPrivate Sale: 21,000 ETH
KYC/AML Required
1 ETH= 87,500 MVP
Min Contributions: 150 ETH
Max Contributions: 1,000 ETH
Vesting Period: 5 months (20% token released per month, starting from token release)
Period: starting from April 5, 2018, 8am CSTPublic Sale: 16,000 ETH
KYC/AML Required
1 ETH = 70,000 MVP
Min Contributions: 0.1 ETH
Max Contributions: 5 ETH
No vesting period
Period: April 25, 2018, 8am CST – April 30, 2018, 8am CSTTo participate, go to official website:  for the application (Application Form locates on the website as pictured). People who participated and got selected will receive an email from

More info

White Paper: Merculet_Whitepaper_V0331a-EN.pdf

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