Egretia - The World's First HTML 5 Blockchain Engine and Platform

I, as a developer of games with many years of experience, want to share one interesting project Egretia, the first engine on HTML5 technology, which will be integrated with Blockchain. A big upheaval in the web game development industry is coming. I will try to explain the current situation.
For a long time, our main engine was Flash, but it's no secret that Adobe officially announced its death until 2020. And this means one thing - by that time the entire gaming industry will have to switch to a newer, safer technology. And the current situation is such that there are not so many alternatives. The first thing that comes to mind gaming companies is HTML5. But at the moment it does not have enough convenient tools, if Egrita has time to realize its project this will be a big plus.
In conclusion of the topic about flash, I think that one of the participants in the project Peter Huang (technical manager of Adobe Flash Platform) in this team is not easy :)

The platform Egretia will combine various products: marketplace for sale applications, the engine for their development, promotional tools for promoting software, an incubator, a place to trade in-game items and store them.

Egretia logo

If you look at the animation editor, we see a fairly transparent interface. Here there is a familiar timeline with tweens (the same one we saw at Adobe), but to our happiness there is a skeleton animation that will allow you to sanitize any movements! In doing so, the Dragon Bones framework is used, which developers have been using for a long time (I also used it in one of the match3 projects).

Egretia animation editor

How does Egretia work?

View from the developer:

  • Registering in the system;

  • You get access to a simple SDK, which allows you to quickly create a game;

  • Publish the application and get a profit in Egreten tokens;

  • There are additional services such as promotion of the product or raising funds through the incubator.

View from the user:

  • Registering on the platform and acquiring a unique ID;

  • Now for access to a heap of mobile / social / browser, etc. games do not need to enter the registration data every time, since they all tie to a single profile;

  • You can pay only to Egreten tokens, regardless of the country in which the software is released;

  • Accounts of users are reliably protected thanks to a blocker;

  • Within Egretia it is easy to make friends and change with them in-game items (or put them on sale, as in the mentioned Steam);

  • For participation in crowdaming campaigns in support of prospective projects, the platform owners will reward you with Egreten coins.

By combining with Egret Engine SDK, Egretia allows all HTML5 games to access the blockchain world easily. Developers only need to apply the Egretia SDK to the game development and connect the API interface according to the official guide. This efficient and intuitive process will then quickly create an HTML5 game with blockchain technology.

I will highlight the main benefits that I liked as a developer:

  • Cross-platform system. Egret Engine has a robust cross-platform operating capability and can help developers quickly and efficiently develop HTML5 games, and publish them on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and other platforms with one click
  • High performance. The public network Egretia will have parallel computing power that allows to optimize performance for the needs of the gaming industry. It has a fast transaction per second. Using the DPS mechanism, scalability will be greatly increased, which makes it possible for more than 2000 operations to support the initial test circuit. CHP will be increased in the future in accordance with the needs of the business.
  • Comfortable animation creation tool. Dragon Bones is the world's number one influential game animation creation brand and is the only HTML5 authoring tool released by the International Telecommunication Union (T.621). As the creative role in the HTML5 blockchain workflow, Dragon Bones can produce a variety of output formats, videos, web pages, animation data and can be used for almost all current mainstream game engines and programming languages. It can allow developers to create more vivid blockchain game animations with less graphic design cost
  • Blockchain integration. There is integrated Egretia's blockchain module and embedded its core function more securely in the bottom level of the app.

    More info

    This project can interest not only the developer, but also any user who wants to invest in the developing web industry. Register on the site for details.

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