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Instructions for use UPRomo service for Investors

Upromo Blog

Hello. We continue to publish the list of instructions, with which help you will be able to understand as service works and as to interact with it. For promoted read here.

What does service UPRomo

Does upvote for the "burned" GBG. ("Burning" means sending GBG to @null account, where they will be destroyed. It has to be made to reduce system debt.).

All participants of UPRomo can get in Promo if amount of the burned GBG <= the amount of "burned" GBG in the first place.

UPRomo have a rating who burned GBG more in a month.

How delegate Golos Power for UPRomo

If you want to help to reduce a debt of a system and burn GBG (the more Golos Power at service, the more it is possible to burn without loss), we recommend to delegate it. For this purpose there are several methods.

Golos Power Delegate in

1. With

  1. Go to your wallet;
  2. Click on the Golos Power (GP);
  3. Select "Delegate Golos Power" (available if there is no withdrawal from GP);
  4. Enter login upromo and the amount of Golos Power (GP);
  5. Confirm with active key or password.

    1. Delegate Golos power in window

    2. Third-party service

    1. Enter your login and click "Добавить"
    2. Enter account name upromo
    3. Amount of Golos
    4. curatorial interest % (max 80);
    5. Choice of Interest Calculation Method.
    Accrual of interest on the delegate's account (Начисление процента на вестинговый счет делегирующего)

    Adding a percentage to an already delegated GP (Добавление процента к уже делегированной СГ)

    And click "Delegate" (Делегировать).

    How to follow UPRomo using Telegram Bot from @vik

    Bot list

    1. We can select any from here, section "💯 For automatic UpVoting".
    2. Press "start" button in Telegram.
    3. Enter Your Login and posting key, when bot requests them.
    4. Click "Кураторы" (Curators).
    5. Click "добавить куратора" (add curator) and enter login upromo.
    6. Go back in the main menu.
    7. Click "запуск" (Start).
    8. Click "💯 Сила" (100% Power).
    9. Еnter percent of an UpVote for curators.
    10. Done.

    Denis page

    Creator of service

    @denis-skripnik: blind developer, author and witness.

    We will be grateful to a Golos for his Node.

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