Agreement on the use of service UPRomo

Russian version

Welcome users UPRomo service. The posts published from time to time with insults, force us to create the agreement on use of service.

1. Rules forbid

1.1. To burn GBG for support of posts with illegal contents. Examples: advertising of suicides, drugs, alcohol, revolutions, Incitement of ethnic strife, online casino, distribution of a child pornography, etc.
1.2. To promote (Upvote) posts with insults of other users of the Golos, Internet users, etc;1.3. Inciting ethnic hatred.

2. Actions in case of violations of conditions

2.1. Any user has the right to inform us in the comments that a post with such content has been promoted (Upvote);
2.2. If belonging to the forbidden posts is confirmed, the service has the right to remove Upvote.

3. The beginning of the agreement

From 0:00 UTC 29.07.2019.
updated 07.09.2019.

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