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What is Union
UNION is a new Ethereum Smart-Contracts governed ecosystem that applies Blockchain technologies to engage all segments of the population with small and medium business around the world that will allow you to scale and develop blockchain platform in new directions, including a system of generosity from the users, which will allow you to make small donations in any place and in any way, and charity is firmly embedded in the everyday life of millions of people around the world. Thus, to attract ordinary people (regardless of social status, age and groups of citizens) and partners (small and medium business) in the BlockChain and charity. Key to our ecosystem is the innovation of UnitLife Tokens, a unique Blockchain-secured digital asset with inherent value as a secure cryptocurrency, which may be:

  • Virtual exchange offices, coin markets,
  • Online-shops on the UNION platform,
  • Buy tickets for raffle prizes, - Micro donations
    that will allow you to scale and develop blockchain platform in new directions
    How will the Union platform
    YOU JUST USE THE MOBILE APPLICATIONS FROM THE UNION: Independent tool for the calculation and distribution of cryptocurrency UnitLife:
  • Loyalty system from UNION in the form of cryptocurrency
    UnitLife for users of mobile applications from the UNION.
    1) Opened the mobile app - get UnitLife.
    2) had a Bite at your favorite restaurant - get UnitLife.
    3) Went for a run - get UnitLife.
    4) Invited friends to us - get UnitLife.
    5) Invited the counterparty to us - also get UnitLife.
    6) Flew to rest (partners worldwide)- get UnitLife.
    7) Invalids I and II groups, pensioners - get UnitLife every day
    (in mobile apps or on the debit card UnitLife).
    Cool You are missing out on a gift for a friend or girlfriend - get the missing UnitLife.
    9) You love to help others (volunteer)- get UnitLife.
  • Cashback in the form of cryptocurrency UnitLife (cashback form of loyalty, in the form of a return of funds from the purchase back to the buyer) that will be used by our partners in the UNION system to attract customers.
  • Exchange, stock exchanges, etc., for the convenience of such in all applications of the UNIION will be integrated with the functional aggregation of the exchangers and also the possibility of transferring UnitLife user - to-user (P2P), via the interface bag.
  • To spend the accumulated Unitlife in the MarketPlace, Union Market, other venues host UnitLife, or Counterparties i n the mobile app UnitLife (Fig.7). In all these cases the goods or services of the contractor will be billed the cost of traditional currency and bitcoin UnitLife.
  • To buy tickets for the cryptocurrency UnitLife in the system of the Union to participate in the raffle of various gadgets, once a month (the Main prize - a certificate for an apartment in cryptocurrency UnitLife once a year), returning oldoini in the system of the Union for further distribution to new users.
  • MICRO GRANTS. Users can set a daily deduction for charity to a certain amount UnitLife or Posts from charities all over the world who will be our partners (just checked).
    Use your criptactive in real life.
    A debit card from UNION.
    What you earn or see exactly what you get. No complicated fees. Use the assets of the blockchain with the same convenience as that of your local currency. The minimum charge allows you the freedom to spend their assets wisely, whether at the local level or when you are abroad.
    UNION is developing a blockchain solution that will allow you to freely spend the cryptocurrency debit cards Visa/Master Card:
    1. physical cryptocurrency card (can also be used by persons with disabilities, daily SMS notifications about the state of the balance in bitcoin and traditional money exchange rate)
    2. virtual card
      Fee for issuing physical cards (including shipping and tracking) – 12$
      Fee for issuing virtual cards – 1.5$
      The physical compatibility of the crypto cards is also dependent on an associated online wallet and its regional support, negotiations are conducted at the administrative levels in different countries.
      The card will support the main currency platform UNION – UnitLife, as well as bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash, and in the future will be connected and other cryptocurrencies.

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