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Vivid. Social Crypto Platform

The technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency is an integral tool of the 21st century. Their rapid development allowed us to reconsider our views on the usual things and take maximum from the proposed solutions.

Now we are watching how the emergence of a large number of new players in the cryptocurrency market expands it. Such a sudden boom led to the fact that many services have undergone loads or stopped altogether, which largely affected the deterioration in the quality of their work.

But do not despair - there is a solution! And today we will consider a platform that effectively uses the scalability and growth of the user base. Its benefit lies in enabling newcomers to conveniently navigate the cryptocurrency market.

The platform Vivid is focused on the creation and development of an application that analyzes markets, checks important points and helps users to understand the management of the portfolio of cryptocurrency.

The platform has several advantages: it is capable of supporting a high flow of users, while not degrading the quality of service. And also the business model of Vivid is designed for long-term growth and stability of the platform.

The main goal of Vivid is to provide a universal tool through which the organization of user capital and financial multiplication will be held at the most accessible level.

It should be noted, that in order to create a platform, the development team uses technologies, based on the previously created mobile AR application. The mobile application is equipped with such functions as: social exchange, modular indicators, and the use of 3D-mode.


Using the camera of your smartphone, members can view and analyze objects in 3D-space. This function will help locate, and also rotate and fix objects in space and relate them to a diagram expression.

The introduction of elements of augmented reality will help brighten the experience of the platform and maintain communication between its users. The use of different accessories will also help brighten the experience of using the platform. Participants can add and correct terrain elements, add to their schedules different creatures and other accessories to brighten the process of using the platform.

In addition, users can monitor the behavior of their portfolio and monitor its performance in 3D format, looking, for example, as a certain coin weighed itself in its portfolio over time against aggregate amounts.

In addition, the Vivid platform uses personal local data and can easily grab a coin map next to your favorite people and places in the real world.

An interesting fact is that the platform has an advertising and publishing platform, the purpose of which is to reward the creators of content for publishing their analyzes and opinions on a specific situation on the market. Also, third-party developers will have an API for developing applications for interaction and analytics, as well as an advertising network of brands to connect to the target audience of users.


VIVID is an internal platform token. Its use is diverse and in certain cases can provide access to VIP-opportunities, such as the analysis identifier, annotations to charts, freedom from advertising in augmented reality and the use of exclusive content.

As mentioned earlier, content creators will also be rewarded with VIVID tokens, thereby encouraging experts and ordinary users to participate in the life of the ecosystem.

The VIVID Token also provides an opportunity to purchase space in augmented reality for the presentation of their projects. For example, this function will be especially relevant for start-ups or application advertisements that are being prepared for entry into the market.

Name token: VIVID
Standard: ERC20
Price: 1 ETH = 10 000 VIVID
Total tokens: 140 000 000 VIVID
Hard cap: 9 950 ETH


76.2% Tokensale
10% Partnerships
7.1% Founders & Team
3.2% Development
1.7% Advisors
1.0% Bounty Pool
0.7% Token Hunt

55% Product Development
30% Marketing Sales & PR
5% Security & Compliance
5% Legal
5% General & Administrative




Vivid is a platform with a wide range of features that ensures stable operation of the application even in times of heavy traffic. An additional advantage is the long-term focus of the business model and the unique possibilities of data personalization.


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