Traceto - decentralized KYC service Review

Hello friends! Today I’ll tell you about the new and very promising ICO project TraceTo.

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We are witnessing unprecedented technical changes. It became possible thanks to the invention of blocking technologies. It literally change our lives, new opportunities appear that could previously seem completely unrealizable. The existing business models have already begun to adapt to the emerging blockchain. This applies to the most innovative sectors of the economy. The system of smart contracts is confidently being introduced with such industries as logistics, electronic payments, medicine, business services, investment management, education and much more. And this is only the beginning!


Already now for many actions it is necessary to execute procedure KYC - "know your client". At the moment, such verification of documents and personal data takes quite a long time, as it is carried out by companies manually. TraceTo project aims to solve this problem. is a decentralized platform intended for automated verification of KYC, using artificial intelligence algorithms and blockchain technologies. The goal of the project is to save as much time, money and human resources as possible. Traceto will recognize users and make all the necessary information in the blockchain.
The platform is created by a team of experienced professionals who have been successfully working and developing for several years in the field of verification (part of the team are specialists of Cynopsis Solutions Pte. Ltd.). Cynopsis Solution provides its services to such major clients as Bluzelle, Bankex, GBX, Icon, Quantstamp.
The project already has the necessary strategic partners, thanks to which the implementation of TraceTo became possible: #HASHED, Signum Capital, Fidentiax, FinTrux, Kiber Network, PolicyPay Network, etc. According to the creators of TraceTo, they will use ready-made Cynopsis solutions in their work, which will ensure the reliable operation of the ecosystem and achieve the necessary results.


The verification procedure itself on TraceTo consists of several stages - alpha, betta, gamma; and will occur as follows:
1) alpha - screening of data on terrorist lists and sankitsionnym lists,
2) beta - verifiers (people who work in the system) check the data,
3) gamma - verification of data by artificial intelligence.
At the same time, the user can appeal the result if he does not agree with something. As a result, the final result of KYC is formed for the user.
After KYC is implemented on the platform, the authors of the project will focus on tasks to determine the suitability of projects and their creditworthiness.
ICO details:
Name of the token: T2T
Platform: ETH
Type of the token: ERC-20
Country: Singapore
Total tokens: 1 000 000 000
For sale: 400 000 000
Hard cap: 35 000 ETH
Price: 1 T2T = 0.0000875 ETH
The minimum payment is 1ETH.
Token distribution:
25% - to the team and the council
40% - for sale
10% will remain in the project reserve
25% - partners, bounty and marketing
Distribution of funds:
50% development and maintenance
25% - administration
15% - marketing
10% - reserve
Now there is a pre-sale, which began on April 26, with a minimum payment of 150 ETH, the official sale will begin on May 21, the sale of tokens at an early stage will be available with a 5% bonus.


For more information, please see:
Official website -
Whitepaper -https: //
Telegram -
Twitter -
Linkedin -
ANN Thread -
Bounty Thread -
Join the project, create together with Traceto your successful future!

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