Growing technology blokchain then more and more projects are in the latest onovasi invent with. We knew it was a place of trade Exchange which used to trade currencies and profiting from the trade. But the current exchange system is not necessarily true in accordance with Islamic jurisprudence. Most of the muslim community would like to trade and invest in cryptocurrency but they still have doubts whether the trading and investing at cryptocurrency in accordance with their beliefs and not distorted. There is currently no single Exchange that offers trading and investment in accordance with sharee'ah islam.

To memujudkan trade and investment cryptocurrency in accordance with the Islamic Shari'a, then in the create Exchange etiquette of platform Solution. Exchange platform Etiquette is the only Solution and the world's first Exchange that comply with Islamic jurisprudence, so will accommodate trade and investment in accordance with the provisions of the trade in islam. Adab Solution will give you the best solution and doubts at the moment want to invest and trade.

ADAB SOlUTION Exchange the world's first Islamic Crypto
Adab Solution is an exchange or the exchange of the Islamic world's first accord with the norms of Islamic jurisprudence. Currently many of the latest exchange that keeps popping up but the characteristics possessed them is haraam, because there is no guarantee the system in use in accordance with the norms of trade in islam.
The Uniqueness Of The Adab Solution
The exchange of Appropriate norms of Islam – trading activity performed in the etiquette of Solution will be done in accordance with the principles of Islamic finance and trade in islam. Seyariah Adab Solution Advisory Board will continue to undertake in-depth studies to organize a systematic against crypto and unsurna in order to comply with Sharia law.
Creating new markets - Adab Solution will create a new market and the only one that uses Islamic norms in accordance with Sharia principles. Values of the basic etiquette of Solution will be set up to improve the confidence of key crypticurrency on the instrument.
Addressed to all Muslims – islam spread across the world, more than 120 countries including Europe, South East ASIA, North Africa. Adab Solution will be very useful in later and for Muslims around the world.
The design and Security of Adab Solution – the design and security of Adab Solution designed with highest security using unique technical software. System in civilization Solution can rely on to secure your assets.
Advantages Adab Solution
Cryptocurrency trading platform becomes the first in the world based on Islamic Sharia, makes Adab Solution not in receiving project cryptocurrency. Project wish list for spring through the approval of the Supervisory Board Sharia and does not conflict with Islamic norms. All project containing elements of gambling, Uhsur, alcohol, Pork Products, tobacco products, services that are not normal as well as pyramid schemes will not be received and will not be entered on the exchange etiquette of Solution.

With the exchange etiquette of Solution then would be the beginning of trade cryptocurrency halal and following the Sharia norms. With the Exchange ciptakannya in accordance with the principles of Shariah is expected to attract the interest of investors and traders to contribute and succeed past the first Exchange in the world. I'm sure this project will be successful Solution of Adab and mandate. Then there is no doubt in investing and berdagangan using digital currencies cryptocurrency.

ICO Adab Solution
ADAB Solution open sales of the token.
Total maximum Token available was 480 million tokens
Tokens are available for the ICO to 345 million tokens
SOF cover $2.5 million
Hardcap $18.7 million
$0.1 Token price per token
Payments received in ETH and BTC
Start date of pre-sale closed 15.07.2018 closing date: 05.09.2018
Start date of pre-sale public 06.09.2018 completion date: 29.09.2018
Start date end date 30.09.2018 crowdsale from: 15.11.2018
All those who follow the event Token Sales or Deals Coins Early are required to verify their KYC.


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