API is ready!

Dear customers!

We glad to inform you that API is ready. Right now, we are integrating a new unique game Dice 3D with the help of developed API. At the same time, this is a test of the new API, debugging and verification. Team plans to complete work on the integration of game development not later than July 10. As soon as the game is launched API will be fully ready for use and referred to third-party game providers to connect their games.

After a month from the end of the work, we will start to release new games from third-party manufacturers, there will be present: slot games, live-games, sports bets, horse racing, poker and much more! Importantly, the games will remain on-chain and token 888 will be the only.

Increasing the range of games will be the beginning of a large-scale advertising campaign to attract players from around the world.

We are looking forward to this moment!

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