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Anyone could understand that the licensed online gambling market is fiercely competitive. Platforms offer customers a tremendous variety of games, as well as draws, bonus programs, cash backs, jackpots and lotteries. In striving to reach the highest levels of customer service, traditional on-line casinos offer outstanding features, such as our forthcoming multilingual, twenty-four-hour online technical support and many more.

The online gaming business is a well-established closed mechanism for attracting and retaining customers. But unlike many other businesses, gaming at times meets unfair restrictions on access to resources imposed by some countries, in addition to extreme legislative overregulation together with rising operational costs. These restrictions create an arena in which it is inordinately difficult for small companies to bring exciting new games to the market. What must also be considered are strict KYC, as well as AML procedures, proof of the legality of the origin of funds, a long wait for the payment of winnings, and an absence of guarantees of receipt.

These problems can only be solved with the innovations modern technologies offer, such as decentralization and blockchain.

Online crypto gambling is in the nascent stages of its development. Blockchain is just coming to life at the application level. This amazing technology has undeniable advantages: no deposits, instant betting, transparency, honesty, accessibility, anonymity, and internationalism.

Our cutting-edge team of developers, analysts, marketing specialists, designers, layout designers, programmers and managers thrive on their collaboration, the rewards of which result in new and exciting ways to provide our customers with a gaming experience second to none.

In July we will implement to 888tron.com a service for an instant any customer complaints, and provide a forum for suggestions. Our individual approach to VIP clients, among many other benefits, includes an analysis of a player’s behavioral skills, providing him or her with individual content, e-mail distribution, alerts and much, much more. All of these tools and programs have been created for effective process management used in traditional on-line casinos and will be implemented to 888tron.com this summer.

Due to the problems that have plagued traditional online gambling, our confidence in blockchain technologies is as unshakeable as our certainty in its future success.

Our users have told us: "Blockchain is not needed for the blockchain." This insight inspired out 888tron.com team to combine all the best of traditional online gambling with the opportunities that the use of distributed data storage technology opened up for us.

We are thrilled to inform our current and future users that the 888tron.com team has entered into a partnership with an internationally licensed online gambling operator. Drawing on his fifteen years experience, he manages more than ten gaming platforms from various manufacturers, covering all of the countries in which online gambling is currently allowed. Based on this partnership, the 888tron.com platform will be enhanced by collaboration with a master businessman. Offering you the latest developments in technology and the corresponding progressive development in programs is guaranteed!

The 888tron.com team recently completed work on an API that will allow integration of third-party game content (leaders of the gambling industry). We have concluded agreements with a number of preeminent game-content producers. At the same time, the games and the platform remain on-chain.

Soon, players around the world will enjoy access to an extensive range of slot games, a sports book, online poker, horse and dog racing betting, live games, lotteries, skill games and much more. The range of games will constantly grow and delight users with their abundance.

To make it convenient for users to navigate through all of the varieties of content, we are currently working on connecting 888tron.com's special tools to a platform that will allow users to be offered games according to his or her preferences.

In the near future, we plan to implement and integrate 24/7 technical support in multiple languages for users of the 888tron.com platform.

Given the anonymity of our users, the 888tron.com team, together with a large international manufacturer of online casino platforms, is developing and plans to connect to a specialized back office soon. This will allow analysis related to what is happening on the site and customize the platform content individually for each user, automating user information, creating various promotions and much more.

Our partner will bring the best online casino management traditions to the 888tron.com platform: analyticals, marketing, management, design, customer service and customer retention departments, including VIP, will be added to the existing structure.

A July launch is planned for adding the possibility of playing games on USDT, the token 888, BTT and other tokens of the blockchain Tron.

The implementation of a set of marketing activities has begun. Expansion of game content and the connection of the necessary tools will allow us to more effectively conduct various advertising campaigns, develop and implement bonus systems, promotions, jackpots, and so forth.

One of the most important issues that our team has been involved in solving has been aimed at preparing the 888tron.com platform to attract and retain players. Our focus will be on closed countries where gambling is significantly limited. We are certain that blockchain technology’s anonymity will make the 888tron.com platform available worldwide.

The entire logic of the processes will be organized through the blockchain, starting with the payment, and ending with the definition of a random winning number or combination of numbers, and then paying the winner. The win will be carried out instantly, without any restrictions, and in full.

Increasing the range of games and launching a large-scale advertising campaign will certainly attract many new users. When the total number of daily active users of the 888tron.com platform reaches 10,000 people, we will contact the Coin Market Cap and other similar resources together with big crypto exchanges with a listing offer of our 888 token. We are sure to want to add the 888 token!

We offer our deepest thanks to all of our users and 888 token holders. Thank you for your faith in the project, your support, and for your invaluable chat room insights. Thanks to you, we more fully understand what users prefer, which tasks need to be prioritized, and which aspects of the project need to be improved. 888Tron.com is truly a social platform where every 888 token holder has a voice.

And remember, as the owner of the 888 token, you are a shareholder of the 888tron.com platform. The development of the platform also depends on your active actions - popularizing the platform in social networks, chatting and suggesting ideas for improving the platform, helping new users who want to understand cryptocurrency and technology. We hope you will share this article with your friends in social networks to help 888tron.com grow faster.

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