IZX - from virtual to reality using the blockchain

Hello everybody! For you for today, I found a very promising and promising project called IZX. The company is currently conducting its ICO and has already collected half of the soft cap.

The entertainment market is still the largest consumer of virtual reality technologies. At the moment, different companies are developing hardware for full access to virtual reality. It may well be that with the development of high technologies in this area, virtual reality will occupy a strong place in our life and provide people with a huge, almost limitless space for doing any business, but it is still in the future)

I think that many of you remember the sensational game Pokémon Go, This game was so popular that it almost surpassed Twitter on Android by the number of daily active users, and Tinder - by the number of downloads on Android-devices.
With this game, I can compare this company, which will be discussed today, but of course the IZX project has a lot more pluses in my opinion, so let's analyze this company in more detail:

IZX is a young company, it was founded in May 2017.
IZX – is an open blockchain platform for independent game developers with elements of augmented and virtual reality. The company is trying to make the exchange of information between consumers transparent, safe and easy perceived by the client, while at the same time accessible to local business.
IZX main product is a series of virtual and augmented reality games. In the games, users can hunt for tokens which will unlock deals and promotions from real-world businesses.
Companies on the IZX platform play the role of advertisers and conduct marketing campaigns to engage new or retain existing customers. Advertisers buy tokens for advertising campaigns, and players collect them through the application and can exchange for real values in the form of a discount, gift, special offer or other reward.

The industry of mobile applications brings $ 41.1 billion each year. $189 $189 bln. by 2020
Smartphones are owned by 46% of the world's population. The mobile app market size will increase to $6.3 trillion by 2020. In the next five years, the number of users will reach 6.3 billion. In the near future, for many consumers, mobile platforms will be the main way to make purchases, regardless of the sales channel. Therefore, I believe that the project has a great future.

The advertising that is trying to unobtrusively embed on any site on the Internet is becoming more transparent and not noticeable, 90 percent do not pay attention to advertising, and so advertising for which many companies pay is simply not affecting the target audience. Advertising budgets are growing, but conversions are steadily falling. Therefore, almost all advertising companies need a new way to attract and retain customers, which encourages users to show interest in promotional offers at their own volition, receiving positive emotions.

The IZX project is trying to solve all these problems, the team collected all the possible services on one decentralized platform. Now marketing is gamified: when an advertiser places game tokens in AR and VR games, a player collects them on city streets and exchanges them for discounts and special offers. As I wrote above, the platform is very similar to the game Pokémon Go, but with great improvements, and most importantly, in my opinion, we can earn real money on this )

Pros for this project a lot I'll try to highlight some of the main ones in my opinion:
= Today there are few companies that are trying to master the market with augmented reality and IZX is on this list!
= IZX memiliki setiap kesempatan untuk menjadi cryptocurrency paling luas yang digunakan untuk micropayment, dalam kampanye iklan dan program loyalitas.
= Each independent game developer can use his ideas, integrate smart IZX tokens and contracts into mobile applications and games for PC.

= Building without-middlemen economical interaction between advertisers, developers and customers.
= Rewarding game and applications developers who help businesses to interact with customers.
= Implementing discounts, special and personal offers for customers.
= rather high marks on known sites:

= IZX creates new opportunities for businesses to create their own effective marketing campaigns, and provides new ways to monetize game developers.
= All dataabut the behavior of players, token collection, marketing campaigns efficiency, tokens and game distribution around the World, as well as a lot of other useful information is available in analytical reports in the Advertiser's personal account in the backend of the Platform.
= For me, as an investor, one of the key features is that the company already has a working product that can be downloaded and already begin to earn on it and promote my projects.

= The company develops MVP in high-quality products. The team is preparing three new games with interesting scenarios that will blow up the world of mobile applications.
= the company took 2nd place in the opinion of a fairly well-known site https://cryptofriends.io/events/bcn_2017_netup

Cryptocurrency, working on the Ethereum network, is going to be presented at cryptocurrency exchanges. It is used for emission of IZX Drive gaming tokens.
Symbol : IZX
Contract : 0x2ad180cbaffbc97237f572148fc1b283b68d8861
Supply : 5,000,000,000
Price : 1 IZX = 0,01 $
Soft Cap 5 000 000 USD
Hard Cap 25 000 000 USD

Crowdsale 2,500,000,000 IZX 50 %
Ecosystem Incentives 1,500,000,000 IZX 30 %
Core Team 650,000,000 IZX 13 %
Advisors 250,000,000 IZX 5 %
Bounties 100,000,000 IZX 2 %
TOTAL 5,000,000,000 IZX 100 %

IZX's development team is Russian, supported by a team of advisors in Malaysia and the United States.

If you take all the above pluses, you will see that the project will have a great future, and it seems to me that the project will collect its soft cap, this is the minimum. The fact that the project already has a working version and a large audience only proves that many investors are interested in this company, and ordinary people who like these games. I advise you to study this ICO more closely and contribute.

This article was created for review and is not a call for any action. If you decide to participate in a particular project, all responsibility for the safety of your money lies solely with you!

ANN bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2188282.0
Bounty https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4007412.0
website https://izx.io/index.html
Telegram: https://t.me/izetex_ru
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/izetex/
Twitter: https: https://twitter.com/izx_io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/izetex/
WhitePapers https://izx.io/WhitePapers/IZX_WHITEPAPER_EN.pdf

My bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=997383
my group in the telegram https://t.me/trofim_2

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@trofim21 nice article, this project has a super potential power in crypto world

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