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Undoubtedly, blockchain technology is the most powerful technology mankind has ever welded. But who should weld this power? Everybody and nobody — the most basic definition of equality. You own it. I own it. Everybody owns it. Nobody owns it. Which is why ConnectJob has been built for the community to enable them to exchange values and services with no third-party interferences or middleman.

“As a marketer, I can’t afford myself or my team to make mistakes. The crypto industry is still in its infancy and must be nurtured properly. I must be aware of the market’s needs in terms of tech. Issues and business issues. I must educate the market too but this is the most interesting part of the job. We speak with our community. We listen to it and we proceed to changes when it’s really needed. We are not in an ivory tower trying to convince ourselves we are the best startup in the world. I’ve been there when I was younger. We built ConnectJob not for ourselves but for the community!”

No more than 5 millions of people use a cryptowallet and let’s say that half of them do it only in a speculative way” Beni continues, “Today, the decentralization evolution is being kept as the most lucrative secret for a “few” eyes only. Our aim here with ConnectJob to bring the Blockchain to all by offering the first blockchain-based mobile app that allows a daily use of these amazing new technology and as a Philosophy Studies Alumni and a Marketing guy, seeing these unleashing the blockchain’s true potential is the real victory for me”

ConnectJob is a decentralized platform that offers you the opportunity to interface directly with service providers without the trouble of middle man taking advantage of you, or you having to pay sizable chunk of commissions to agents by leveraging and monetizing your skills all by yourself. This platform guarantees and secures every transaction exchange on their network — no more dubious reputations, fake reviews, and contract default

ConnectJob offer, providing its users with services available in their areas and invoiced in CJT (ConnectJob tokens) or fiat money (euro, dollar) at an hourly rate (Uber like model) that is unique and predetermined for each type of “job” now it’s possible to get Any service you really deserved Anywhere, Anytime with connectjob.

ConnectJob is here to lighten your load. Whether it’s for daily chores, maintenance or shopping, You can now offer or request any services needed, anywhere anytime.

ConnectJob is trying to overcome the problem even without clients and providers have to meet up. With blockchain and smart contract system, everyone can be happy and there won’t be a problem with payment or whatsoever. So, how does this platform work?

Clients can request for the service they want to have and choose the providers – after going through the selection process

Before the hiring takes place, they need to make a deposit. The amount of money is based on each place’s standard rate and such thing alike

They can hire the providers for the work
The providers do the job and complete it. They need to confirm it through the platform
After the clients review the result, they can rate the quality of service and confirm the

completion through the platform.

Coins Offer

ICO ConnectJob will take place in two main steps: Pre-ICO and ICO, as described below;

The 300,000,000 Token originally issued by ConnectJob, only 195,000,000 tokens will be available for Pre-ICO and ICO sales, the difference is saved as a backup for the ConnectJob team, advisors, partners and communities. Join this ICO, By investing with us today!


Q 22017. Alpha Version, ConnectJob Application
Creating a PoC from a mobile app.
Q3 2017. Beta Version, ConnectJob App
Test apps in Odessa, Ukraine with dozens of jobbers
.Q4 2017. ICO Launch
Launched the first set of auto ICO
Q2 2018. Community and value sharing
Create a community and share value through CJT Token.
Q3 2018. New Ecosystem
Build ecosystems: integrate and contribute to existing decentralization services.
Before 2020. The decentralization process is complete
The network will eventually operate independently.

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