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KNL tokenization platform is the digitization of grain assets, real estate and property

KNL is a platform that joins together and thinks about the necessities of farmers, traders, investors, exporters. We give every member the chances and instruments that make up an entire chain of effective procedures for keeping up the operational exercises of the agricultural industry.

This ecosystem will help to completely go into the venture market of the horticultural division and get an ensured 30 penny benefit. KNL ecosystem speaks to an advantageous venture stage where every one of the members, including ranchers, financial specialists, clients, huge exporters can viably and productively speak with one another. All the more explicitly, the stage KNL tokenization enables you to digitize grain resources, property and assets.

I am talking about the KNL platform. This is a new economic model that is built on blockchain and provides tools for individual investors, small, medium and large businesses. Its main objective is to unite asset managers/owners and investors through new financial instruments that minimize the level of risk of operations. In this case, assets can be real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, shares in the enterprise among others.

Their infrastructure is based on the legislative framework to maximize the security and safety of investments on the platform. Kernel trade is based on stellar network ‘Token D’ core and utilizes highly advanced blockchain technologies like swift processing of transactions with lower costs, Processes that are highly secured starting from release/storage to the transfer of the platform tokens for trading purposes in the secondary market.

When we see the fact that the agricultural industry is included in the sector category which is very reliable to meet the needs of human life in this world. But try to imagine if these needs cannot be fulfilled immediately, just because the farmer or farmer does not have enough capital to manage his agricultural assets. The only thing that is usually done is to apply for a number of loans to the nearest bank. However, not all banks accept these submissions. This condition is caused because the farmer does not have valuables that can be used as collateral. Therefore it is not a wrong choice if, the farmers make a loan proposal to the KNL.

The mechanism or business model owned by the KNL is indeed slightly different. Now let’s look at a loan scheme proposed by a real estate or property developer. After the submission is received by the KNL, a number of expert teams will carry out an accurate calculation of the sale value of the real estate when it has become a real physical building. If all calculation processes have been carried out, the developer will get a loan with the amount agreed upon. Real estate collateral will later be priced in KNL tokens and traded for investors. Investors can invest these KNL tokens in the stock market, both before or after the real estate becomes physical.

Basically the loan program is a program that can accelerate economic growth and development. Because at this time a lot of people who have ideas and innovation but do not have enough capital. Therefore the loan program system offered by the KNL indirectly has raised the confidence of entrepreneurs, both agriculture and plantations.

This loan program also has a number of strong legal evidence, for example such as letters of agreement that show the calculation of the commission to be obtained by the KNL. From this we can analyze that KNL not only acts as an institution that provides loans, but simultaneously acts as an agent who sells agricultural products and real estate that will be built. Therefore farmers and developers have used two KNL services just by following one program.

At present it is not only the problem of farming suitable that haunts farmers, but farmers also often face the problem of distributing and selling crops. Where a lot of elements — irresponsible people who offer very cheap prices to farmers. Therefore, with the role of the KNL, farmers will indirectly get an appropriate selling price.

We can call a number of KNL tokens by investors as bonds or debt statement, which later will be replaced by real assets that have already been made. This is done to reduce the time — unproductive time while waiting for the process of building assets with a fairly long period of time depending on the size and complexity of the asset.

KNL Token?

KNL is a token, permitting the access to the investment projects on our platform, issued by the fund of digital assets on Kernel-Trade Platform. Order of KNL retention is obligatory for the platform, as it secures all the payments.

KNL’s good liquidity, stimulating the demand for tokens and protecting both the contributors and the platform from the market volatility, allows the contributors to plan their investment strategies more thoroughly. Using KNL for covering all transaction costs and service charges – is a fast, safe and reliable way of payment for digital assets and derivatives on Kernel-Trade.

Token Detail

  • Token Name: KNL
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Token price in USD: 1 KLN = 0.1 USD
  • Accepted currencies: ETH, LTC, BTC, USD
  • Token supply: 58,700,000 KLN
  • Total tokens for sale: 35,220,000 KLN
  • Soft cap: 350,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 5,870,000 USD


The project, in fact, is very interesting. The idea of agriculture is quite relevant in our time. I think if the project continues to develop at the same pace, then it has every chance of becoming popular, and even more so now it has a lot of well-known partners.

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