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Cartesi – A Platform for Developing Scalable DApps

Cartesi, a new blockchain project is being developed that could solve some major problems in the blockchain industry. It's 2 layer solution will likely grab a lot of attention as we head in to 2020. Scalabilty has always been the number one most controversial topic in the blockchain space and Cartesi has a very compelling solution. By connecting Linux to the blockchain, the platform will use real world computational power that operates externally from the blockchain. This will free up the main chain to operate at 100% effeciency. This is a much better solution to scalabilty than many others like  proof-of-stake, sharding, Ethereum’s Plasma or the Bitcoin Lightning Network. The off chain computations take place in Cartesi nodes that operate on Linux. This will enable much more complex DApps to operate with out any scaling issues.

The second solution Cartesi offers is in it's real world Linux operating system. The blockchain space has created a barrier for many developers because most require specialized blockchain programs. By using Linux as bridge to to the blockchain, this will open up a gateway for all the real world developers. This is what really excites me! Imagine the potential of having a truly scalable blockchain that developers can build on without any prior knowledge of blockchains.

Problems with DApps Development

Developing DApps isn’t a hassle-free process. In most cases, the developers have to battle with the complex programming languages, the inability to make use of the relevant tools, as well as the lack of the necessary computational systems. While the current system for DApps development makes use of the blockchain technology, more efforts are needed to bolster it.

Addressing the Challenges via Cartesi Blockchain

The Cartesi blockchain is a dedicated platform for developing and delegating Decentralized Applications (DApps). It is essential to point out that the platform can provide the relevant tools needed to create formidable systems for DApps development. It is also important to point out that the Cartesi blockchain is operating with the Linux infrastructure, which has the relevant tools you would need to develop and delegate scalable DApps.

• Off-Chain Movement of Complex Logics

The limited scalabilities tenable in many blockchain networks supporting DApps development are often triggered by the onboarding of many activities on one chain. It is in the light of it that the Cartesi blockchain charted a different course – moving complex logics to off-chain networks.

The idea is to reduce the loads on the main chain. It is also part of the Cartesi blockchain’s efforts at cutting down many of the limitations hitherto imposed by those blockchain networks. By making use of the off-chain network of the Cartesi blockchain, it would be easier for DApps developers to move many complex logics and programs of their DApps to the off-chain components of the blockchain.

• Layer 2 Scalability Features

DApps developers wouldn’t be burdened by the challenges tenable in the Layer 1 Scalability solutions. Under the Layer 1 feature, DApps developers can make use of Delegated Proof of Stake (DPos), sharding, and optimized block sizes to scale their DApps. The primary downside to doing so is the inability to attain global consensus and verification when needed.

For that reason, the Cartesi blockchain decided to make use of the Layer 2 Scalability solutions, which are fairer and more transparent than the former. It is under this component that DApps developers can make use of dedicated systems (including TrueBit, Plasma, and Side Chains) to move many computations to the off-chain network.

Final thoughts

The Cartesi blockchain is no doubt, one of the best blockchain networks for DApps development as well as computations. You can now take advantage of this sizzling opportunity to bolster your efforts at DApps development.

To know more about the Cartesi platform and for regular updates must connect to Cartesi using the following links.


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