US accused Russian companies of supplying oil to Syria

The US imposed sanctions against two Russian companies on suspicion of supplying Iranian oil to Syria, the US Treasury said.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise Promsyereimport and OOO KGK (English name Global Vision Group) fell under the restrictions.

In addition, the list included the Iranian company Tadbir Kish and six individuals. Among them, the deputy director of Promsriereimport, Andrei Dogaev.

As the organizer of the supply of Iranian oil to Syria, the Syrian citizen Mohammed Amer ash-Shviki and his company Global Vision Group, located in Russia, are called.

A senior US administration official noted that thanks to the Iranian-Russian network, the Syrian government receives millions of barrels of oil from Iran, and that one — hundreds of millions of dollars from Syria to finance the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, as well as to the Hamas and Hezbollah factions.

According to him, the oil is secretly delivered to Syria on ships that turn off the GPS system in order to avoid publicity of supplies.

"Iran-Russian Network"
The official added that the Central Bank of Iran is directly involved in the transfer of a large amount to Russia to support oil supplies to Syria.

For this, Iran uses companies that are involved in trade in goods for humanitarian needs, including medicine. Earlier, Washington made an exception for humanitarian supplies.

A spokesman for the administration added that the United States has "zero patience" in relation to the use of "semi-humanitarian organizations for conducting illegal transactions."

"The Central Bank of Iran and other institutions of the Iranian regime and officials continue to exploit natural resources to sponsor terrorism, violence and bloodshed almost every day in Syria," he said.

List of potential bidders
In addition, the US Treasury Department has published a list of 16 vessels, including four Russian, which, in his opinion, were involved in the supply of Iranian oil to Syria in 2016-2018.

In particular, the ships Almetyevsk, Truvor (formerly called Mukhalatka), Volga (formerly Marshal Zhukov) and Yaz entered it. According to the MarineTraffic service, these are Russian ships.

The ministry noted that this is not an exhaustive list of ships that may be related to people under sanctions.

Separately, it is stipulated that the presence of a ship in this list does not mean that it is unequivocally defined as the property of someone from the sanction list.

Oil supply penalties
In May, US President Donald Trump announced that Washington was withdrawing from an agreement on a nuclear program with Iran. He also reported on the restoration of all sanctions against Tehran, including secondary ones, that is, in relation to other countries doing business with Iran.

Part of the restrictions against Iran came into force on August 7. Washington declared its goal to bring the export of Iranian oil to zero and urged its buyers to abandon such purchases.

Additional US sanctions against Iran, which covered oil exports, entered into force on November 5.

At the same time, Washington granted temporary exemptions from oil sanctions to China, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey.

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