Homework 2

so that your home workouts can be easy and nothing will disturb you in the process, think carefully about where you plan to practice. It is best to choose a room in which you can retire so that no one can interfere with you. It is difficult to answer questions from loved ones and messing with the pet when you are standing in the bar. It is also important not to respond to phone calls and messages. If you are constantly interrupted, there will be no point in the lesson, and most likely you will not want to return to training after you have talked on the phone for half an hour. In order to start practicing at home, it is enough to buy a yoga mat and, as necessary, buy the rest of the equipment. You may not need additional equipment at all if you learn to work effectively with your own weight. In the future, you can come in handy dumbbells, printed ball, fitness gum. It would seem, why a person who plays sports alone at home and no one sees him, a beautiful sports uniform? But actually this is a motivational moment. Dressing up in special clothes, you psychologically tune into a workout. In addition, it is not always convenient to practice in ordinary home clothes, because it should stretch well, should not restrain movement and create discomfort. Special shoes also does not hurt. Yoga needs to be done barefoot, but for other disciplines sneakers will definitely not be redundant.

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