All profits are in charity.

All profits are in charity.

Dear friend. From today, I am TOP FLAG or PHOTOGRAPH, I start working for charity.

ALL the money I earned on this resource will go to the treatment of children, regardless of their disease. And it doesn't matter to me - from what country the child is, what skin color he has, what religion he has. For me, the only thing that matters is that a child is HEALTHY AND HAPPY.
You, the reader, you can think - “Everybody will say this, but he will take everything for himself” ... And you will be mistaken.
At one time, in 2003, I almost lost my eldest son ... Thank you and bow to the doctors - they pulled out ...
In 2016, my youngest son was born ... The doctors said that he had an intermuscular lumen (or whatever it was called correctly) 15 mm in his heart ... He turned to a specialized clinic - the diagnosis was confirmed ... And this is in a baby .. .

I collected money for the operation according to my relatives - not enough ... I applied to a charitable foundation ... Thank you for not refusing ... Helped with finances ...
Now a little 2 years old ... Runs, frolics and ... And he ABSOLUTELY HEALTHY.
Looking at my son, I understand that somewhere near there lives (or survives) a child who needs help. So let's make children happy and healthy TOGETHER

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