LIQNET is a cryptoexchange, which allows to unite liquidity from different platforms

Our world is like a single organism. Just have a look everything around us aims at uniting because together we can always archieve more. The cryptocurrency market is ruled by the principle of division of users and their assets. Trade is divided in different platforms thereby making high volatility and limited liquidity the main trading problem. When trading on separate exchange systems a trader risks not getting the required volume or getting it at an unacceptable price. Cryptocurrency exchange LIQNET addresses this problem effectively. They created a single trading platform that improves convenience and uses a common liquidity to boost users profits.

LIQNET unites liquidity flows from different platforms in a single limit order book. This it achieves using a proprietary mechanism called LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network). It collects and integrates via API purchase or sales orders from different exchanges around the world.

This forms a single exchange limit order book. LEN combines this into a single stream to enable you to conduct raids at the most favorable prices with minimum spread. With LEN you can create an improved market depth model. Unlike the standard model it provides additional liquidity at the point where supply meets demand.

This solution is great but do we need another cryptoexchange even with the new technology. There are so many of them. If you filter all exchanges based on reliability and availability for traders you’ll have just a very few you can work with. LIQNET is both available and reliable the platform has been carefully checked and reliably protected. LIQNET safely and effectively unites people companies and financial flows.

For the server part they use a geo distributed private cloud whose client part for now consists of a web terminal.

How does it work?
All work goes into a common limit order book where orders of clients, orders from this exchange and orders from other platforms are combined. The technology includes collector of information from around the world. Automatic trading system that enables transaction hedging on third party platforms and an automatic system for funds distribution and accounting.

It takes into account profitability and ensures positive balances on third party platforms.

Is LIQNET useful to external platforms? Yes, to increase trading volume and liquidity. Cryptoexchange provides happy platforms for trade robots and LEN becomes a common trading system that performs many transactions increasing overall liquidity and pace a commission for each transaction, thereby generating profit. The cryptocurrency market has long been a need of unification. Development can be archived but only together with all the numerous exchanges and different cryptocurrencies. All this is a single financial organism.

With LIQNET everybody wins. The platform unites financial flows and people. It involves using common liquidity in order to boost profits.

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Идея проекта просто огонь. С такой идеей и командой думаю все будет круто

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Разве Siacoin не сделала уже что-то похожее?

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