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UDAP - Universal Decentralized Asset Platform

I welcome all subscribers to my blog! Today I would like to tell you about Udap-a rather promising project that will be useful for many owners of different companies and start-ups of different sizes. The udap project team plans to create a platform where everyone can create an App blockchain (DApps) and set up intelligent contracts. It can be anyone who is ready, because for the work Of the platform, users will be no special knowledge such as programming, the establishment of decentralized networks, working with blockchain and so on. It is sufficient to have only one idea of which principles Smart contracts work.

In this question, you can perform an analogy to the Websites. Earlier, it was at the beginning of the development of the Internet, to create web sites manually to encode in a simple Notepad, while it was necessary to know many programming languages and Markup such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and working with databases - and that was only for specially trained programmers. Then started various applications and systems, which partly automated and simplified the development – special development environments, sharpened to the creation of sites, different libraries and Frameworks – but still it could only work webmasters and programmers. And now the site can create absolutely any Person without writing a single line of Code-various Website designers and CMS, such as WIX, Word Press, Bitrix 24-have made the process of Website development so simple and understandable. The same Situation with Smart contracts and blockchain – udap is a type constructor, in which you can use to build applications by including only certain tokens and certain functions.

This functionality, available on the udap platform, allows you to tokenize any Startup and business it needs. The owner of the company and companies need to spill any professional blockchain developers, due to the high demand and hyipovosti your professional incredible price tags for the creation of DApps and Smart contracts.

Tokenization allows you to automate many processes in companies such as accounting, sales of documents and assets, collective reconciliation and decision making and make them safer and more open. A very convenient and useful tokenization with the udap-platform will be for industries such as trade in digital goods (music, Videos, outflows, games and in-game items), social networks and forums, the sale of various documents, certificates and Tickets, various libraries, info-business, E-Commerce and so on.

It is worth understanding that the tokens created on the udap platform can be not only crypto currencies. You can token all documents, Securities and assets. To create and manage these Tokens, the Harvest Wallet application is used to control the entire flow of assets and Tokens and manage their emissions. But also own payment systems based on crypto currencies in Udap can be created.

For more simplicity and intelligibility, the udap Team will also launch its own App Store and contracts-Umedia. In this marketplace, you can familiarize yourself with existing applications and discover different ideas and solutions for the tokenization of your business or startup.

The udap project is initially run on the Ethereum blockchain to simplify startup. But the creators intend, in the future, with the growth of the customer base, go to their own blockchain, which will be more scalable, and High-Speed as the Blockade of the Ether.

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