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I welcome you dear friends. Today in this article I want to touch and tell you about the project Rento, which is ready to come out with revolutionary innovations and ultimate security.

Our daily life flows at the speed of years. We consume and accumulate too much. When we look around, we see that there are more different objects and things than we need. Well, why do we let it all fall down idle, for all that, for what we paid? There are people who need them, if they want to buy them from us, we can get rid of our inactive assets, or earn on them.

The economy has grown so much today. As is known today, we prefer the method of renting rather than purchasing an item because of the costs and transactions that need to be made. Our rental deals with Rento will be much faster and safer around the world.

Convenience of our life with Rento

The Rento project is a software solution that allows individuals and legal entities to easily rent the goods and assets they use.
creates. It supports these transactions by making smart contracts for those who rent and lease.

Rento plans to be a great solution in rentals that have grown out of reach today. Moreover, the use of blockchain technology in the platform infrastructure gives us the feeling that it will be a very secure platform. We will be able to use the Rento platform in such a way as to see the price, date, availability, durability and damage condition of the product, as well as the Terms of use determined by the product owner. The Rento platform requires sufficient infrastructure and inventory to make it useful for our users. To do this, many service providers receive a resource to fill the platform.

Features of the Rento platform

Transparency of the project: the project tries to be transparent in all aspects. That's why there's no lack of trust.
it offers a safe ecosystem. The blockchain technology that supports transparency.

Low transaction fees: traditional transactions such as Bank transfers, which we often use today, block transactions
in addition, it is quite expensive in terms of time and money. Block chain of market transactions in a few seconds
he can perform all over the world. With Crypto money, these transactions are subject to low fees and transparency without interruption.
it happens in some way.

Fraud and scams : the transparent block chain structure used by scammers is very limited.
he's quitting. Thanks to security measures and the blockchain engine used, these vulnerabilities are filled or minimized.

Smart contracts: contracts concluded over the Internet are password protected and include risk protection.
It stores payments and transactions up to a second and eliminates any problems we may encounter. Preparation and
it provides protection to providers against financial risk.

The purpose of the blockchain technology Rento

Because rento has to give its consumers a very high confidence because of the difficulties of the leasing economy to be used
The blockchain chooses to use the infrastructure. Therefore, physical and virtual security measures should be taken first
tends to go outside. Problems in the traditional process of today for tenants, virtual
we spend a lot of time and money on the platform. The purpose of a blockchain

Secure and fast international transactions,

Deposit contracts ,

Inspection services for the landlord and the tenant and to ensure confidence of users,

Recovery of excess cost on moving transaction,

Smart in the face of problems arising from violations of the contract, as well as self-control of transactions, payment for services
contractual compensation.

and we can sort things out a lot more. As you can see, Rento will be a revolutionary project with many innovations and speeds.

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Project team:

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Rento, which offers solutions for all kinds of products, including in international areas, for renting or leasing products and services, looks like a project that will give a big advantage to everyone. Profit margin will increase as additional Commission is not paid due to transactions without intermediaries. I think that if your project remains tied to the roadmap and passes a successful ICO, you will achieve good results.

Thank you for attention!
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