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P2P Global Network - We’re Here When You Need us Most

Well, welcome back to my blog. Today, I will introduce to you a project extremely interesting and potential, which is project P2P Global Network.

This project, as its name implies, is built on the principle of Peer to Peer ("from client to client") and is a peer-to-peer decentralized network built on the blockchain. The essence of the p2p Global Network project, in simple terms – the creation of the world's first insurance company on the blockchain. That's how I understood the principle of this service, after reading its website and reading White Paper.

The main goal of the p2p Global Network team is to help people in a difficult life situation when they have lost a permanent job or other main source of income. And as we know, working with crypto currencies, you can lose everything very quickly if you do not act carefully. Trading on the stock exchange, mining and investing in ICO are always associated with high risks. But at the same time, you can lose your job and an ordinary office employee, never heard of any crypto currency.

The mechanism of the p2p Global Network project will really resemble an ordinary insurance company, only you will insure your financial well-being there. It looks like this: when you have a permanent job and you have the opportunity to save a certain amount of money, you invest it in the p2p Global Network project, buying their p2p token. You can make a one-time Deposit or make monthly payments. And now, if you suddenly lose your main source of income and remain unemployed, then you will only need to provide a document confirming that you have lost your job, and after checking you will be paid a certain amount of p2p tokens, in a larger amount than you invested in the project.

This is the beauty of using blockchain, smart contracts and peer-to-Peer Networks. By building a platform using these technologies, the creators completely exclude from it any bureaucracy and paperwork, which is so characteristic of any centralized institutions, and especially the state.

Using the p2p Global Network platform to confirm your unemployment, a minimum number of documents will be sufficient, and their authenticity and the real position of your financial condition will be determined by a smart contract and a consultation of several independent network members. Independent – because everything will be confidential and anonymous-the creators of P2P Global Network took care of this in advance, on their website you can read in detail about the principles of confidentiality. Also, you can not be afraid that, joining the ranks of users of P2P Global Network and once lost your job, you have to run around a hundred offices and offices, collecting and signing thousands of papers and waiting for approvals and signatures from various Directors, officials, chairmen and deputies. All this bureaucracy is behind the redistribution of blockchain startups.

About the token:

Project team:

Project road map:

Given all this, I believe that the p2p Global Network project has quite bright prospects for the future and will easily collect the necessary amounts for ICO, which, by the way, are quite modest – only $ 500,000 soft cap and $ 2,000,000 hard cap – unlike many other blockchain projects that collect tens of millions of dollars for their development.

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