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Today we see that crypto payments are not so relevant and in demand, but at least for now. This all follows from the misunderstanding of the people themselves and the fact that the blockchain technology itself was not fully developed. What can we say about the personal widespread use, if the cryptocurrencies themselves are not fully touched with the traditional business. In any case, this type of payment will soon become the main one, as transactions are very convenient and fast. The problem is that the market itself is very volatile and therefore entails great risks for everyone.

Liven is a global network platform that makes it easier for consumers to use currency when paying for goods and services in everyday life. LivenPay is a project that will change the food understanding of people living in metropolitan cities. First, you need to download the project's own application. When you first enter the application, your location is determined and the nearest restaurants that are registered are listed. There are also special advantages of the application. For example, restaurant ads will be included in the application so that you will be aware of any restaurant discounts during the day. Therefore, both consumers will be able to benefit from discounted food, and also businesses will be able to attract more customers.

This payment network is based so far in Australia, namely the headquarters of developers. Speaking of users, there are already over 400,000 registered users. There are more than 1000 enterprises and different restaurants working with the new innovation. Therefore, this statistic is already a huge agricultural, and it's time for you to start using this method of payment.

Liven Pay network is very easy to use and eliminates all barriers, all difficulties. We also have a very generous reward system at the time of transactions. The app is primarily designed for restaurants. That is, You as a hungry person will even be very profitable to eat in a cafe, because you will get a bonus reward in the form of cryptocurrency LVN.

LivenPay consumers will receive part of the accounts for the money spent when purchasing goods and services within the framework of joint institutions with a mobile application that will be available. Tokens received in this area will be available in situations that I will sort below.

About the token

The main payment instrument of the platform, which will be very popular with these users, will be a token called LVN, which can be purchased during the ICO. The project team plans to release a total of 10 billion LVN tokens. The public sale began in October 2018 and is still ongoing. The cost of one LVN token is 0.015 USD.

Project team:


Project road map:

The inclusion of cryptocurrency to pay for everyday services with bonuses in the form of cashback for buyers and attract a large number of customers and increase profits for business carries a great potential of using LivenPay. This will get rid of all the inconvenient financial costs for simple financial calculations, at the same time, even without the obligation to study the blockchain technology. If this project does not become world-famous, it will certainly be a big step in the technological future.

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