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Cryptocurrency Exchange Sonata.

I am glad to welcome you dear readers. Today let's talk about a universal trading platform with long-term profits for both traders and holders called Sonata.

In this modern era, trading in Fiat currency or Forex is still many adherents of not even a few new users who are involved in take the fortune in the forex world. However, the more advanced its technology and the level of human thinking, the more some Forex players switch to cryptocurrency trading. For those of you who don't know what cryptocurrency trading is, i.e. sell and buy coins like BTC on ETH or Vice versa, on an exchange with how to buy low price cryptocurrency and resell it when prices come back. You don't need to have experience as a prediction expert for cryptocurrency trading because there are many forums or groups that discuss many predictions and price signals accurately. You only need to provide money and of course an Internet connection.

What is this project?

The more cryptocurrency players, the more ICO project POPs up a variety of products and services that are unique. That is why a new cryptocurrency appears on many developing stock exchanges, which offers a token that begins as a utility and to attract initial funds. One of them is the Sonata platform. This is a project that provides a centralized exchange, with priority to user safety and comfort. Sonata is working to create a market that is 100% safe without interference and threats from the outside. Sonata made by a team can be said to be a super expert in Forex and cryptocurrency trading as well as DAPPS. When the trading platform is not updated immediately for a long time, the user will work and look for another exchange that is qualified and easily customizable. Sonata to pack all the features and amenities that do not belong to the other party in one decentralized application. The use of blockchain, of course, as the main technology for moving the SONT token and artificial intelligence or AI as machine learning. able to predict prices.

To save the user's assets, Sonata will retain the assets of the user wallet device of the cryptocurrency. Of course, this decision will decide ASA hacker to break into the exchange of this Sonata. Sonata is protected by blockchain and internet security super up with soft lining and encryption, so it closes the gap with the threat of cybercriminals.


Enhanced security. Platform keep the asset user to stay protected from both the platform and the user. Sonata uses a high-security hardware cryptography wallet to go through external attacks such as DDOS, exploitation, and various forms of cyberattack. On the user side, the platform keeping autentekasi 2fa model sms, Google Authenticator, and email as well as some additional security. Security is the main focus of this platform, users only need to sit back and then make a profit.

Sonata creates an exchange, easier interface is simple and bright colors. The development team to analyze and survey the few crypto traders where there are a lot more men who are interested in the exchange who have UI / UX design that is light and elegant so that the user is more comfortable trading assets.

In addition to blockchain, AI or artificial intelligence is used by Sonata to predict prices using an algorithm of intelligent machines in real time. The price forecast will be displayed on a chart or graph so that can then be viewed by all users, even beginners. As a clever assistant who accompanies us in profit.

Sonata is a serious job to keep the community in order to stay in touch with other traders. Thus, the exchange platform will be built to support group conversations based on topics and private conversations between users that are protected by blockchain technology. The community will continue to grow if the system supports it. That's why sonnets are also concerned about the community.

Exchange Sonata also provides a UI/UX version of Android and iOS that remains unique, elegant, and easy to change. It is important that the exchange provides applications for mobile devices, because almost all the players of the cryptographic exchange are similar to the exchange, which can be used on smartphones. Money crypto traders will receive a notification from a smart assistant about the price, profit status, balances and more.



What I believe is important for a blockchain startup to be successful in selling ICOS, namely by providing an MVP or demo app. When I try to use the demo version of sharing this Sonata, I was so surprised and pleased with the look, which is very charming. All functions are fully fixed in each section. It's like a fusion of social media, cryptographic communication, and software signal analysis. Look at the display below which make my eyes silent enjoy trading with a modern look of this.

In the section at the bottom left you will see how the RPM with the level of purchase and sale. It's an assistant to our profession. If the indicator leads to green, it means the right time to buy. On the contrary, if the arrow points to red, it's time to sell it. In the upper-right corner, you'll see a profile icon, private conversations, and notifications. All full features can be seen clearly with an interface like this. That's why I intend to use this exchange.

There is also a proposal, if you like the uniqueness of this platform, do not forget to contribute to the sale of SONT tokens for the sale of ICO. For more information, see the following links.






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