We are all familiar with cryptocurrencies. Almost everyone is interested in cryptocurrencies and wants to satisfy this profitable form of investment. But many are also still distanced from cryptocurrencies, and either because they consider cryptocurrencies unsafe, or because they don't know how to invest. There are many platforms for using cryptocurrencies in both investment and shopping, but for the most part they are complex, insecure, and their technology infrastructure is inadequate.

Since cryptocurrencies have become popular, I've been studying cryptocurrency exchanges. But so far I have not met anyone who has no security issues or has been attacked by cyber hackers. Almost all exchanges have been hit by small or large attacks, their users have suffered losses or their systems have become completely unusable.

Traditional cryptocurrency exchanges are complex, far from practical and have a user-friendly interface. Some of them are even platforms that attract people's patience because of the slowness of the process. Among them, the recently opened stock exchange, but the platform of cryptobiina of which I speak, is a platform BCNEX, which is very different and quite unique.

About the platform:

BCNEX platform is a unique platform for investors interested in cryptocurrencies, and the users who trade digital currencies for purchases, allowing them to trade cryptocurrencies or Fiat coins, a fully decentralized blockchain technology through a fully transparent and reliable, powerful technical team and advanced technologies. BCNEX, which has a dynamic structure thanks to its fast processing technology, is a fast and powerful platform that ensures its users that they will never experience problems they may encounter due to slow operations. BCNEX offers a variety of security measures for its users, keeping their investments and other transactions safe.

Aspects of stock trading:

At the moment, the initial version of Bcnex exchange has already been launched and it is based in Vietnam. Primary objectives for the creators of the exchange Bcnex are Vietnam and Indonesia. In these regions, the crypto industry is very poorly developed, but the people who live there, feel the need to join crypto currencies and blockchain technology, as well as the rest of the world. And in order to do that, they need their own exchanges, which have an official state license to trade. And Bcnex just the same from a legal point of view, everything is officially formalized and quite transparent, so users from Asian countries can safely invest in this project and use it to trade crypto currencies, without fear that their accounts will be blocked, as it, for example, is now happening on Binance.

Security measures:

The creators of Bcnex understand this, so their exchange has a lot of tools to protect user accounts from hacking and data theft. There is a full history of IP and browsers with which the entry was made to the exchange. You can connect two-factor authentication via sms or Google Authentication, which will protect against access to your account, even with the knowledge of login and password. Also there is a function of anti-phishing code, which allows you not to fall into the trap of hackers in e-mail newsletters.

These security measures may seem tedious, but the BCNEX platform is designed and made available to users so that they can perform all these operations more comfortably.


BCNEX has a legendary system that is able to process faster than the same trading platform, providing low latency and 2 000 000 transactions per second. All transactions on the platform will be carried out through the bcnx token, owned by the Bcnex platform and offering low Commission rates on transactions, providing benefits to its users.

One of the most beautiful aspects of the BCNEX platform is that the markets in the Indonesia – Vietnam region are primarily oriented. With BCNEX, which can be considered a road to the far East, all markets will become global.

About the token:

Project team:


Project road map:


The volume of trading on Bcnex is about 11 000 000 USDT, which is quite a good indicator for such a young exchange. After all, despite the fact that the project has already been released, work on it is still underway, and for example, only recently released applications for iOS and Android. And at the moment, the creators spend their STO, to attract funding for the marketing of the project and the "capture" of other neighboring countries.

As a result, BCNEX platform has a dynamic team of experienced and experienced people and has a unique ecosystem with very fast computing power that provides fast solutions to the needs of the market and users, so it has a high potential for success.

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