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I welcome you dear readers. Today we consider interesting the ICO project, but rather the first cryptocurrency exchange that complies with the Shariah.

Guaranteed the cosmos why Long Live the crypto exchanges of the bandage, which it canon why compliance of Hai in. Cryptocoryne market mein musalmano Me Aur Islamic finance that piogram that partner with us FICE a serve satisfaction to become a look for me. Exchanges with the Islamic theory that the conditions that comply with the MA function for Tamil Nadu: the lake, including the religion that the day before yesterday with the CIA Bill meetings piogram that the last bill to open up the Hai in.

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The Islamic canon that in accordance with the cryptocracy Trade read input, why has the tax to some areas, the exchange respectfully to the satisfaction of the forum of Jehoiada gaya hai me. Politely solution exchange platform of the Islamic canon that in line with some of the exchanges duniya mein only Aur long live the hai, Isla in Islam ma trade that Norton that in line with trade read input KO of adjustment in Tamil Nadu: check this guys solution provider Tamil Nadu: full input tax that desire was likely a dead end ko end Tamil Nadu: Aur Trade Me.

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Including sub etc. the facts, ma the contribution of Tamil Nadu: key our company Muslim community ko cryptocoryne market that bar MA high quality Urdu save full details provided to Karachi, a vast mission to Karachi, cryptocoryne market Ma Muslim community that partners some of the facilities provided Karachi, India.

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Politely solution exchanges that support, including the hull cryptocoryne trading now that is a full sheet standards that bucket had a look in. Exchange why create the tax, which it the theory that the flood that line with hai, including the Islamic Newson full preparing that Hilton lounge attract tax aur duniya mein long live the exchange ko effectual become that for attracting the tax that the summit of Hai in. In prion effectual Aur Rosamond good for me. Isla digital cryptocoryne why use care input tax in full to trade tax Ma koi dead end without you Hai me.

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