ZANTEPAY is multiwallet cryptocurrency with debit card. It enables you to spend your digital assets anytime, anywhere.

ZANTEPAY pre-paid multi-wallet cryptocurrency with Mastercard® pre-paid, supported by Estonian private bank,

supported by AI.
There are three main problems facing Crypto today:

  1. Integrate the world of digital currencies and the world of traditional money. 2.Disable
    fees 3.NET digital offset by default
    ZANTEPAY Offers Solutions For 3 Problems Above:
    1.With ZANTEPAY pre-paid card users can spend BTC, ETH, LTC and ZNX (more crypto currency to come) them anytime , anywhere.
  2. ZANTEPAY works towards a better (cheaper) exchange for customers.
  3. ZANTEPAY wallet will allow naming one of the beneficiaries in case of death of the account owner.

ZANTECOIN – The Most Valuable Coin

  • New major currencies
  • BTC, ETH, LTC free conversion to ZNX
  • Mastercard – accepted everywhere
  • Can be used to cover service fees in the ZANTEPAY ecosystem
  • 50% discount for all services in the ZANTEPAY ecosystem when
  • using ZANTECOIN
  • ERC Token 20
    ZANTEPAY wallets are the core products that lay as the basis for all existing feegenerating services. We will offer multi-wallet crypto host (BTC, LTC, ETH, ZNX support, more crypto currency will be added in later stages) and integrated simple exchange service.


Prepaid ZANTEPAY cards will be launched in late 2018, becoming one of the fastest penetration of digital currency cards in the market. This will allow any BTC, LTC, ETH, ZNX crypto currency holders to spend their money, online or otherwise, anywhere that accepts traditional payment cards. These, paired with digital wallets, allow users to utilize their crypto currency in daily life.

ZANTEPAY will act as an intermediary connecting card issuers, ZANTEPAY wallets, compliance services and crypto exchange.ZANTEPAY allows users to have a single point of access to complex financial and technical infrastructure in a user-friendly way. ZANTEPAY Marstercard ® is supported by its privately owned Bank in Estonia.

An Initial Sale Token or Initial Coin Offering (hereinafter – “ICO”) is an event in which the crypto currency project sells part of the crypto currency token for early adopters and fans in exchange for funding. For parties offering tokens for sale, it provides a proven methodology for raising funds and ensuring the adoption of tokens once they are in circulation and a popular way for top-class products or services. On the other hand, for tokens buyers, ICO is an opportunity to participate in the early development of the cripto currency business.

Early Coin Offering (“ICOS”) has grown fast to account for more startup funding in blockchain-based companies of all Venture Capital. Nearly $ 2.3 billion has been raised to date in ICOS, with a large majority taking place in the first half of 2017. The large increase in the value of the crypto currency significantly contributed to the growth of the ICO market over the past year. The market capitalization of all crypto currencies has increased from $ 7 billion in January 2016 to more than $ 800 billion by December 2017. Ether has priced more than 400X since August 2015 ($ 2.83 USD), reaching over $ 1200 in month December 2017.

Even considering a significant dip in the crypto currency in January’s overall ether growth since August 2015 til 14 February 2018 was 32.343%, trading at $ 915.33. In part, this has been due to the role of Ether as Ethereal’s core utility token – the most widely used blockchain computing platform used for / ICO sign sales. ICOS is a way for holders of early crypto currency to diversify their holdings using the crypto currency itself. In the past year we have seen a remarkable move by startups and founders against the use of blockchain technology and tokenized models. Instead of building new products on a centralized architecture and database structure,

A tremendous surge of new developments and innovations going on in blockchain technology to start new decentralized services and models. There is a deep technical community running at full speed towards a blockchain-based future, with experienced tech company founders jumping into the fray with blockchain. The majority of ICOS you see today is for new companies, which have not yet launched their products into the market. We are also beginning to see ICO and tokenization models start catching up with more mature and established companies.


ZANTEPAY will reconsider the current roadmap and publish new ones based on the amount of funds raised.

The idea of ​​multiwallet + debit card integration was born.
September 2017
Teams of 10 professionals, including coders, designers, lawyers and CFOs are established.
September 2017-January 2018
Dealing with Estonia’s private bank, issuing MasterCard’s pre-paid to ZANTEPAY.
February 1, 2018

personal sales start
15 February 2018
MVP in test mode
March 2018
Pre-ICO resigned
March 15, 2018
ICO Part I-Part III
March 15-June 15, 2018
Expand the team to 30 employees in Tallinn HQ
Q2-Q3 2018
ERC20 ZNX Public Launch
August 2018
Launch ZANTEPAY Multiwallet
Q3 2018
Launch Debit Card ZANTEPAY
Q4 2018
AI Step 1 Integration
Q1 2019
AI Step 2 Integration
Q2 2019
ZANTEX Stock Exchange Start
Q3 2019


To implement ZANTEPAY’s vision, we launched an initial offer coin (ICO) to issue ZANTEPAY tokens on public blockchain. A token called ZANTECOIN (ZNX) will be issued during pre-ICO and ICO.

On 15 March 2018 at 19.00 Tallinn time, ZANTEPAY will launch pre-ICO to distribute 30,000,000 ZNX (all unsold token will be kept by the company for future fundraising, min 1 year after ICO is finalized). The token price during pre-ICO 0.05 € (minimum purchase amount is 0.01ETH).

There will be a total of 2,000,000,000 ZNX. No further ZNX token will be created after ICO – the amount will be limited according to this document. Prices during the upcoming ICO sections can be changed by ZANTEPAY management.

As long as the total ICO of 600 million tokens will be distributed to the user.


Since fiat currencies have become a store of bad long-term value, traditional banking does not achieve the poorest and the cost of electronic payments is high, we believe that blockchain and crypto currency are the method of future payments. We aim to provide the opportunity to make such payments to all consumers of maximum convenience and offer an easy-to-use interface to any blockchain and traditional assets. With the ICO to be performed by Distributors, individuals will have the opportunity to participate in our long-term growth and success.



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