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The idea of VIVA aims to be developed through a dAPP that can work in both Andriod and IOS,Innovative technology Viva uses special contracts Ethereum to provide and securitize private home loans in Fractionalized Mortgage Shares (FMS), which can be easily purchased and sold in the Viva FMS Exchange application,The Viva network is a decentralized ecosystem that connects mortgage borrowers with global investors within a cloud platform with an ungradient area.
How it works:

the Viva network allows investors to buy mortgage loans from home buyers from anywhere in the world, making the process faster and easier for home buyers. With the ability to access effectively the free market, both parties will now be able to use international arbitrage with an interest rate and receive mortgages with a lower interest rate and a higher return on investment.

The motto of the representatives of the project,their main task is to destroy the global mortgage industry, which is morally obsolete and does not fulfill its functions. Specialists from Viva Network implement the fastest, least expensive, and most importantly transparent method of obtaining a mortgage. By using the intellectual infrastructure of smart contracts, the system directly connects people in need of mortgages to private creditors. And it works all over the world, that is, you can get a loan anywhere in the world,It is clear that in the future, Viva Network will not have a release from customers, so you need to take care of the scaling. That is why there are developments that will allow using low-cost, high-performance mortgage trade with high availability for customers.
And this is only a small part of the improvements that the company representatives have spread

The idea of VIVA aims to be developed through a dAPP that can work in both Andriod and IOS. The development of this application is already underway, being already downloadable and usable on your device; although as noted, it is still subject to possible future modifications, including the management of the tokens in Exchanges

Token: VIVA
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 3,000,000,000 VIVA
Price: 35,714 VIVA = 1 ETH
Payment: ETH

Road map
May 2016
The beginning of the original idea.
June 2017
Exploring the ecosystem of the blockchain to identify suitable core technologies.
July 2017
High, service-oriented architectural planning of the Viva platform.
August 2017
Exploration and feasibility studies.
November 2017
Development of the real value estimation algorithm 1.0 Home.
Q1 and Q2 2018
Launches the creation of tokens and the development of MVP. Initiation of a large-scale marketing campaign.
Q3 2018
Development of Real Value 2.0 application. Obtaining legal and regulatory licenses.
Q4 2018
Starting the Real Value 2.0 application. Completion of custom algorithms ML.
Q1 2019
The beginning of gradual launches of the Viva network platform.
Q2 2019
Launch of the Viva Network platform in full scale.

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