Ube Ltd has created a subscription based E-commerce platform for merchants to trade goods and services without cash transaction fees. Ube Ltd will first seek to disrupt the global barter industry by offering a subscription based advertising model to enable merchants to have an unlimited low cost plan to grow their business. Ube Ltd is also partnering with an online business network in the UK that consists of over 75k merchants and advertising company Ad Drivers (50k consumers) who will be offering promotions to generate Consumer to Business transactions. Ube Ltd aims to be transacting in the first 3 months of operation.

Phase 2. Online Entertainment
Ube Ltd via its JV partner network will offer consumers access to its merchant barter network of goods and services. Ube Ltd is developing partnerships with Probability Limited, Bulbet Limited, licensed UK pool online operators with over 4.5 million accounts and growing.

Phase 3. Fintech & Telco
Ube Ltd will offer retail and corporate products to the merchant and consumers. Ube Ltd is developing partnerships within the Fintech space to develop and integrate Ubecoin into various into financial service provider’s product ranges. Ube Ltd is currently working with a large telecommunications wholesaler to develop mobile media wallets to enable targeted consumer advertising.

Phase 1. Free Trade Barter (FTB)

Value Proposition for SMEs
Small to medium businesses are always looking for new ways to increase sales, manage redundant inventory, fill idle capacity, increase their customer base and gain broad exposure for their products and services in a cost-effective way to improve profitability. Depending on the jurisdiction FTB could have a positive impact on businesses’ balance sheet and cash flow

Incumbent Barter Exchange Model
At least 600,000 merchants participate in the barter economy on a global scale. Fees range between 10-13% (buy/sell) on average per transaction. When combined with joining fees, advertising fees, non-trade fees and lock-in contracts, any advantage gained through barter is quickly diminished.*3 The global barter exchange businesses use proprietary trade dollars (T$) as a medium of exchange. A Trade dollar is used between trade exchange members in place of cash in a nonreciprocal trade transaction. The US IRS values a trade dollar the same as a U.S. Dollar. A trade dollar can only be used by merchants within the platform that produced it. A trade dollar is a closed source payment offering.

FTB Future State Powered by Ubecoin
FTB is a subscription based platform utilizing Ubecoin as a medium of exchange, merchants can barter or exchange goods and services for nil cash transaction costs payable to Ube Ltd, rather than using cash as a medium for a transaction thereby improving business fiat cash flow. Merchant members will transact via FTB and the ownership of the Ubecoin and its trading is controlled by the merchant. The blockchain ledger accounts for each transaction are fullytransparent and the trade is controlled by the merchant and not the platform owner. FTB is an efficient, online business tool utilising the latest crypto currency secure blockchain technology and trading platforms.

UBE Platinum
This will be an exclusive membership where high value items will be bought and sold. This will be attractive for high end investors/businesses/networks where Ubecoin can be used as a medium of exchange.

UBE Deal of the Day
This is where merchants can request to have a heavily promoted deal of the day. An email and social media campaign will promote the “deal of the day” To generate even more liquidity Ad Drivers (50k Consumers) will be offering promotions to generate Consumer to Business transactions and there will also be referral marketing campaigns. A Ubecoin is freely owned by the coin holder. It is stored digitally in an electronic wallet via a desktop computer or a mobile device. It can be used as the owner wishes.

Target Market Example
The International Reciprocal Trade Association (“IRTA”) is the global trade association for trade exchanges, which includes retail barter exchanges, corporate trade companies, complimentary currency organisations and counter trade systems. IRTA promotes proper accountability rules, equitable standards, ethics and governmental relations, for the organised barter industry and its participating members. The IRTA estimates that the 600,000 participating businesses transacted USD$14 billion globally in 2015 and it is anticipated to grow volumes by 5-10% per annum. Ubecoin will not be limited to merchants listed on the IRTA.*4 By overcoming the incumbent barter exchange barriers for merchant participation, Ube Ltd through FTB should realise a much larger merchant uptake on the product offering, because it is not restricted to the current Barter market sector; rather it’s open to the global merchant market, as a whole.

Business Model
The more merchants that join the FTB network, the greater the diversification of goods and services which will be offered and the more merchants that join the network, the greater the liquidity of the Ubecoin market.

There are three initial revenue lines for Ube Ltd:

  1. Annual cash advertising fees of GBP 150 per annum per merchant (or equivalent) with no additional fees, scalable by organic growth and replication in other jurisdictions. Refer to Multi- jurisdictional expansion section.
  2. From the release of more Ubecoin as demand increases
  3. From the advertising fees and profits associated with licensing the business model in multiple territories.

Market Disrupter Model
Ube Ltd is aiming to on-board 38,600 merchants in the first year of operation and 78,529 in the second year. This will be achieved by an extensive marketing campaign in multiple jurisdictions, promoting the first 5,000 merchants in each jurisdiction can join for free, plus they receive 300 Ubecoin bonus.

Online entertainment includes gaming which includes the wagering of something of value, (usually money), on the outcome of an event or game using the internet. The regulated gaming market was USD 44.16 billion in 2016 and is estimated to reach USD 81.71 billion by 2022, at CAGR of 10.8%. The current unregulated markets are as large but slowly becoming regulated.*5

Ube Ltd’s online entertainment partners will be chosen from compliant/ licensed and best practice companies. In the second phase Ube Ltd is targeting the online entertainment sector. Lack of avenues for gamers to spend their winnings and the processing time is relatively slow and costly. Players at traditional fiat gaming websites need to wait for their bank wire (if they are not using a credit card) to get to the sites in-game wallet before being able to play. Regardless of their deposit method, the player could wait several days to receive their withdrawal if they decide to stop playing and cash-out.
Ube Ltd has agreed to partner with Apexx Fintech to develop and integrate their Ubecoin into the Apexx Fintech business products. The APEXX Gateway represents a single integration point for all acquirers, APMs, and value added services globally. Apexx offer over 100 Alternative Payment Methods internationally with competitive pricing and immediate implementation to deliver a fully bespoke payments environment. AX interface combines transactional data from all Payment Service Providers on one state of the art dashboard

Apexx work to reduce cost of payments acceptance using their dynamic routing engine, a switch solution that allows the intelligent routing of transaction to the most beneficial provider within a multi-acquirer model. Criteria for a switch include: currency, transaction type, card type, region, time of the day, load-balancing, or the re-routing of a transaction that has failed with one acquirer/issuer. Ube Ltd is also targeting the telecommunications industry to develop mobile media wallets to enable targeted consumer advertising.
Ube Ltd has pre-mined almost 100% (all but the 80 Million ICO tokens which are created by investors entering into, smart contracts during the ICO) of the total coin allocation for the furtherance of its business activities both now and in the future. As part of our advanced security protocols, only a relatively small amount of coins will be held in multiple “hot” wallets at any one time to disseminate amongst our networks or provide liquidity within the marketplace. A combination of cold storage techniques will be applied along with real world physical security measures to insure the safe keeping and protection of the digital asset.

Website: https://ubecoin.com/
Whitepaper: https://ubecoin.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Ubecoin-WP-V10.pdf
Ann thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4737261
Telegram: https://t.me/ubecoin


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